The real Tibet

Judith Murray speaks with Barbara Nimri Aziz, British-educated anthropologist, about the reality of her years studying and living in Tibet. Aziz spent years studying the kinship patterns, economy, and religion of the region and is the author of Tibetan Frontier Families. This program was produced by Judith Murray.

Wild Women: poetry for the Joan Little case

Poetry reading: "Wild Women, Joan Little case". Notes: All women's audience, no intros, 1976. First reader unannounced, Alison Colbert? She reads two poems "Miss Rosy" by Lucille Clifton, and her own poem "How are the girls doing?" from her book of poetry "Let the Circle Be Unbroken." Second reader unannounced, Joan Gibbs?

Sally George reads four short stories

Sally George reads four short stories: Dreaming; Hard Winter; Church Music; and Peter, Peter. Also includes an interview with Allen Wolovsky. George is a writer who has been published in Ms. Magazine and Christopher Street, among other publications, and is the recipient of a CAPS Grant. Produced by Allen Wolovsky.

Washington Report: December 22, 1976

Washington Report: December 22, 1976. Three segments: 1. Is the Supreme Court Against Pregnancy? Rep. Pat Schroeder discusses Court decision barring pregnant women from disability pay. (Ellin O'Leary: producer); 2. Women political activists accuse Carter of ignoring women's interests, Gloria Steinem and others. Rep. Elect Barbara Mikulski. (Ellin O'leary: producer); 3.

Washington Report: March 6, 1972

Washington Report: March 6, 1972. Interview with Dr. Rona Fields, an American psychologist who is the first American psychologist to visit the Long Kesh internment camp in Northern Ireland. She describes the physical and psychological torture present in the camps. Includes subsequent report on House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee hearings on Ireland. Program is self-contained.

The Lesbian Show: July 15, 1980 - Third World Lesbian Writers Conference (2nd annual)

The Lesbian Show, produced by Donna Allegra, features readings from the 2nd Annual Third World Lesbian Writers Conference in April 1980, sponsored by the Azalea collective and Salsa Soul. Audre Lorde opened the night reading "Need." The following readers are Imani, Joan Gibbs, Anita Cornwell, Isis, Arisa Reed, Candice Boyce, Chirlane McCray, and Jabu reading Ntozake Shange.

Janet Guthrie: woman race car driver

Sixteen minutes of a speech given by Janet Guthrie, professional race car driver, and first woman to race the Indianapolis 500 in 1977. She talks about her experiences with sexism and racing. Tape ends before her remarks do.
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