Mendola Report: Mary Mendola and Francis Clayton interviews

Interview with Mary Mendola, author of "The Mendola Report: A New Look At Gay Couples" [Crown, 1980] and Dr. Frances Clayton, lesbian psychologist and therapist, about Mendola's survey of gay couples and interviews with and about gay couples.

Women's Pentagon Action Rally

Banded reel of actuality from the Women's Pentagon Action on November 17, 1980, held in Washington, D.C, during which over two thousand women surrounded the Pentagon to protest the proliferation of nuclear weapons, the destruction of the Earth and the oppression of women.

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom conference, 1981

Two speakers at the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom conference, recorded May 27, 1981. Joanna [no last name given] on U.S. strategic policy and its impact on Europe; 24:00--Edith Ballantyne, General Secretary for the League Office in Geneva, Switzerland speaks about her European perspective on the U.S. armament policy.

Lesbian panel number three / produced by Bonnie Bellow (Episode 4)

Socialist-feminist conference. After last lesbian panelist; song; third world caucus criticism; beginning of open-mic conference criticism. Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387. Removed from American Women project because WYSO has copies according to American Archive website.

Women and the economy / produced by Bonnie Bellow (Episode 3)

INTRO: The following program is a discussion of women and the economy by Batya Weinbaum and Lori Helmbold of the Union for Radical Political Economics. The discussion was recorded at the First National Socialist-Feminist Conference held in Yellow Springs, Ohio over the last July 4th Weekend. The first speaker is Batya Weinbaum.

Gloria Naylor interviewed about her novel The Women of Brewster Place

Raw tape of Gloria Naylor, Black woman author, interviewed by Doris Austin[?] about her novel "The Women of Brewster Place." She reads a passage from the book and then talks with Doris about the book, how Naylor's visions of the women who populate the book came into being, and more specifically about some of the female characters.

Socialist feminist theory: panel 1 / produced by Bonnie Bellow (Episode 1)

A discussion of Socialist-Feminist Theory recorded at the first national Socialist-Feminist Conference, July 4, 1975 in Yellow Springs, Ohio. The panelists are Susan Fitzpatrick of the Berkeley-Oakland Women's Union; Barbara Ehrenreich of the New American Movement; and Michele Russell, formerly of the Motor City Labor League. Produced by Bonnie Bellow.
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