Whatever became of : Patty Andrews / interviewed by Richard Lamparski and Michael Knowles.

Interview with Patricia Marie "Patty" Andrews (1918-2013) of the Andrews Sisters about her life and her career. She was the blonde in the center. Richard Lamparski and Michael Knowles interview her backstage on her closing night of her Hollywood musical Victory Canteen in which she is lead off stage in handcuffs as a Nazi spy wearing a snood. God knows what Lamparski was wearing!

Yvonne Rainer on dance / interviewed by Liza Cowan.

Yvonne Rainer, dancer, choreographer, and founder of dance company The Grand Union talks with Liza Cowan about the Judson Dance Theater, cross- influences in dance, music, and theater, the use of space and time in dance, and the dance audience. Originally broadcast live on "Electra Rewired"--this may be a later broadcast.
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