Guest of honor (Episode 28 of 29)

A radio adaptation of a short play by Howard Pflanzer based on events that transpire over the course of a party. Featuring the voices of Joanne Hill, Yvon Dihe, Charles Woodruff, Angela Cheyne, and Lew Patterson as the voice of Tibor. Technical direction by David Rapkin. Directed by Sarah Sanders for WBAI's Mind's Eye Theatre. This recording was formerly cataloged as BB3818.20.

The girl had guts (Episode 18 of 29)

A dramatic reading of a short story by Theodore Sturgeon (1918-1985), one of America's foremost writers of science fiction, for WBAI's Mind's Eye Theatre. Performers are Ann Rivers, Frank Coffee, and Baird Searles. The story is used by the kind permission of the author. This recording was formerly cataloged as BB3818.17.

Swanwhite (Episode 23 of 29)

Radio adaptation of a play by Swedish playwright August Strindberg (1849-1912), cast in the form of a classic fairy tale but with depths and depths. Julienne Marie plays the title role; the cast also includes Larry Gates, Sue Lawless, Herb Sufrin, Charlotte Lane, Victor Arnold and Sheldon Baron. Technical production by David Rapkin. Adapted, directed, and narrated by Saylor Cresswell, Jr.

A diary in topaz (Episode 25 of 29)

The Word Players perform this play for radio written especially for the Word Players by American playwright Kenneth Lillquist. The story is a love affair, told with voices of Light and Darkness. Cast includes Gil Jardine, Sherry Pockell, and Edgar Walker as the Voices of Light; and David Haight and Ann Rivers as the Voices of Darkness.

Iscariot (Episode 14 of 29)

Adaptation of Frank Moffett Mosier's play set in the Near East during the Roman Empire,and focussing on the relationship between Judas Iscariot and an unnamed friend. Features Joseph M. Hamer as Judas Iscariot and Jonathan Fox as the friend. Directed by Sarah Schilling. Technical production by Richard Brause.

Titus groan (Episode 1 of 29)

Dramatic readings from the first installment of the "Gormenghast" trilogy by British science fiction author Mervyn Peake (1911-1968), adapted for WBAI's Mind's Eye Theatre by kind permission of the U.S. publisher Weybright and Talley.

The birth of Venus (Episode 6 of 29)

Performance of a play by Frank Moffett Mosier, taking place in the 12th century, that concerns a visit by the Baron Paolo di Stefano to the Princess Andrina of Naples while her husband is away fighting the Turks, and gives a wry look at the medieval ideal of courtly love. The cast includes Linda Phillips as Andrina, Eugenie Snell as Francesca, Bill Wiley as Giovanni and Joseph M.

The star (Episode 3 of 29)

Baird Searles reads "The star", a short story by Arthur C. Clarke (1917-2008), for WBAI's Mind's Eye Theatre. This controversial "Christmas" story tells of a space-going Jesuit and a discovery that shatters his faith. Clarke is recognized as a master of science fiction whose works include Childhood's End, The City and the Stars, and many works of non-fiction.

The eagle and the rock (Episode 4 of 29)

A modern fable in one act by Frank Moffett Mosier. A conversation between an eagle and a rock, in which the world and the human race are discussed from an outside point of view. Features Joseph M. Hamer as the eagle and Bill Wiley as the rock. Directed by Sarah Schilling.
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