Abortion (WBAI 1969 series)

In December 1968 and January 1969, the WBAI Public Affairs Department produced a timely series titled Abortion.

Nathalie Sarraute at the YMWHA Poetry Center / introduced by Susan Sontag.

French novelist and dramatist Nathalie Sarraute (1900 - 1999) discusses her work and her literary ideology in a talk given at the Poetry Center of the YM-YWHA in New York City. Sarraute talks about the "nouveau roman" (New Novel) school of literature to which she belongs, which called for novelists to search for new narrative structures in their work.

Yale report

Authors R.W.B. Lewis, Ralph Ellison, James Baldwin, and William Styron discuss modern fiction writing.|YALE REPORT. - SERIES: Writers on writing| no.

Lysistrata's daughters / produced by Trevor Thomas and John Harris

Documentary on the Women's Strike for Peace organization, founded by Dagmar Wilson and Bella Abzug. This program includes actualities from the United Nations Plaza protest for peace. One participant says their motivation is "Emotional, not political. We want to save our children." Actualities, interviews, speeches over megaphone.

The Pillow book / by Sei Shonagan ; read by Karen Lindsey

In this 5 part program, Karen Lindsey reads Professor Ivan Morris' translation of "The Pillow Book," (1967) a book of observations and musings recorded by Sei Shōnagon during her time as court lady to Empress Consort Teishi (定子) during the 990s and early 11th century in Heian Japan. In Part 1, Ms.

A chance session (Episode 21 of 29)

The Word Players read random selections from books and bits and pieces about chance, prophecy and revelation, a reading from the I Ching, and silence, confront a 1200-foot tape of numbers (1-62) which is stopped and started by direction, but no one knows which number will come up next. The number on the tape determines who reads and what the material will be.

The Gormenghast trilogy: a discussion with Maeve Peake and Jonathan Williams

American poet Jonathan Williams speaks with Maeve Peake, wife of English author, poet and illustrator Mervyn Peake (1911-1968), about the books that comprise The Gormenghast Trilogy. Permission to use this tape was provided courtesy of the Library at the University of California, Los Angeles and Jonathan Williams.
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