The Varied Voices of Black Women: an Olivia Records concert

This is a recording of the final concert from the Olivia Records tour "The Varied Voices of Black Women," which began in California and ended here at Medusa's Revenge on November 7, 1978 at Medusa's Revenge. The concert features musicians Gwen Avery, Mary Watkins, Linda Tillery and poet Pat Parker, accompanied by a band of Olivia musicians.

Debate on the Equal Rights Amendment (E.R.A.)

This recording is of a debate on the Equal Rights Amendment held before a meeting of the American Women in Radio and T.V. on March 27, 1975. The debate between Karen DeCrow, President of N.O.W. and Phyllis Schlafly, leader of "Stop E.R.A." is chaired by Maureen Christopher, radio and T.V. editor for Advertising Age.

The Future of Housework (Part 1 only)

Documentary about the future of housework, hosted by Celeste Wesson. Contains recordings from the conference "The Future of Housework: the role of the housewife and sharing arrangements for childcare," organized by the Women's Studies program at Sarah Lawrence College. Part 1 features three personal views on housework and childcare: 1.

Sojourner's Journal: Battered women

Sojourner's Journal hosted Yasmine Pierre. Today's episode is about battered women, and the guest is Carolyn Rice of the Brooklyn Legal Services.

Women in Spain

In this program, panelists Linda Gould Levine, professor at Montclair State College, Gloria Feiman Waldman, professor at York College, and Elizabeth Starčević, professor at City College of New York discuss the women's movement in Spain. The program was produced by Dave Metzger and Judith Murray, who was also the moderator of the panel.

Sojourner's Journal: November 19, 1981-Black women writers and artists

Sojourner's Journal, a series about Black women. Yasmin Pierre speaks with four Black women writers/artists about their careers and their family lives. The guests are artist, poet and member of Black Writer's Union Akua Lezli Hope, writer, poet and memeber of the Black Writer's Union Rashidah Ismaili (b.

Racism in the Women's movement (Part 1 only)

In this program, guests talk about the racism forum "Racism in the Women's movement: how to fight it," sponsored by the Women Writers Union and Radical Women, and held at the Women's Building in San Francisco.

Battered women

Recordings from a conference on battered women sponsored by the American Friends Service Committee in February 1977. The recording includes testimony from battered women as well as historical information on the oppression of women, legal aspects, and ways of overcoming this problem. Produced by Kimberly Willis for WBAI.

Author Marysa Navarro on Eva Peron

Judith Murray speaks with Marysa Navarro, the biographer of Eva Peron. Note on box: Opens and back announce with "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" from Evita the musical (Tim Rice / Andrew Lloyd Weber)- Top 10 Underground recording. Is it pro or anti-Eva Peron? Controversial world wide. Murray does this introduction then plays old recording of ??
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