ERA countdown

Actuality from a rally held on June 30, 1981 marking the 1-year countdown for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). The rally was held at the New York Public Library and speakers included Bella Abzug, actress Marlo Thomas, New York City Council member Miriam Friedlander (1914-2009), President of the New York City Council Carol Bellamy (b.

Women and doctors

Know your body: Women and doctors. This lecture, part of the series "Know Your Body" recorded at and by the Women’s Medical Center in New York City on June 15, 1972, deals with the gynecological exam, doctors’ attitudes, and what medical services to expect. Speakers include Judy Graham, Diana Parness, Paula Weideger, Rachel Fruchter, and Leslie Casale. Produced by Caryl Ratner.

The extinction of Black women

An informal discussion by three Black women from the New York Black Feminist Counseling Collective, sponsored by the WBAI Women's Radio Workshop, concerning what the group calls the extinction of Black women. The discussion centers on attacks on Black women, impediments to survival, and expanding Black women's political consciousness.

The role of women, the family, and religion in the 1980s

On October 4, 1980, WBAI held a special day of programming, examining political trends and what was starting to be called "The New Right." In this program, Mimi Rosenberg speaks with Rhonda Copelon and Atina Grossmann about the role of women, the family, and religion in contemporary American society.

Aphra speaks - December 8, 1972

Aphra Speaks was a series on WBAI wherein the editors of Aphra: The Feminist Literary Magazine discuss authors and literature. On the previous episode, broadcast in November 1972, the Aphra editors discussed Kate Chopin's The Awakening and Edith Wharton's The House of Mirth, asking why feminists have been attracted to these novels.

Interview with Brett Harvey of The Feminist Press

Eileen Zalisk interviews Brett Harvey of the Feminist Press, founded in 1970 in Baltimore, MD and now located in Old Westbury, NY. They discuss the founding and history of the press and what books the press has and is publishing.

Interview with members of NOW-New York Chapter

Judy Pasternak interviews two members of the New York chapter of the National Organization of Women (NOW) about the organization and why they each joined it. The guests are Noreen Connell (1947 - ), president of New York Chapter of NOW, and Cathy Roche(Raush/Rauch/Rouch), who is running for president of NOW-NY. Date of broadcast unknown but likely spring 1979.

Louise Howe and Pink Collar Workers

Judy Sackoff interviews Louise Kapp Howe, author of "Pink Collar Workers," a book about office workers, waitresses, homemakers--jobs that are done almost exclusively by women.
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