Black women of achievement: Stephanie Colbert Hopkins

Interview with Stephanie Colbert Hopkins, president of Star Step, Inc, a public relations firm. Hopkins, a Black small business owner, discusses her professional and personal successes, the current job market for Black people, and the double stigma she faces as a business owner of being both Black and a woman. Contains listener phone calls. Hosted and produced by Marie Smith.

We regret to inform you: a radio drama by Grace Cavalieri

This radio drama was written by Grace Cavalieri, directed by Dorothy Biondi [sp?], and consists of four characters: Doctor (Jeremy Gage); Nurse Jane (Ellen Mead); Nurse Brown (Kate van Burick); Allen (Cotter Smith). The story: a mad scientist has created the perfect machine. He hires a night watchman to stay with it until its heart stops.

Clips of women's voices and issues

Tape labeled "Women's" and contains a list of clips related to the women's movement, reproductive rights, etc., beginning with 12-20-79 Activist Kim Klein (Coalition for Medical Rights of women) on IUD's and ending with 1-22-83 10th Anniversary Roe vs. Wade, Roxanne Merryfield.

Interview with Mamie Williams

This July is WPFW's tribute to women month, and Upstream is celebrating with programs about "living legends." This episode is an interview with Reverend Mamie Williams of the Calvary United Methodist Church in Northwest Washington, D.C. Produced by Nikki Jeter and Marie Smith.

Upstream (Series record)

Nikki Jeter and Marie Smith initiated this daily public affairs program with interviews, information, and call-ins so listeners could express their views. Later in its run, Lorne Cress Love hosted.

Oyelo! Out loud! The Nuyorican Poets Cafe

A showcase of poets affiliated with the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in New York City read poems at WPFW in Washington, D.C.. Readers include Nuyorican Poets Cafe co-founder Miguel Algarin, Ed Morales, Tracie Morris, Bob Holman, Dael Orlandersmith, Kenneth Carroll, Magdalena Saavedra, Willie Perdomo, and Edwin Torres.

Inti Illimanti Concert

Chillean folk music with introduction in Spanish with English translation. This concert featuring the music of Inti-Illimani, an exiled Chilean folk group, was presented in Washington, D.C. in June of 1977. The program was recorded for Pacifica Radio through the facilities of Woman Sound of Washington, D.C. Spoken commentary is in Spanish with English translations.
Reel 1 of 2 is missing as of 8-3-09 - HRL

The Poet And The Poem : Brad Strahan

THE POET AND THE POEM : BRAD [BRADLEY R.] STRAHAN / interviewed by Grace Cavalieri. - SERIES: The Poet and the poem| no. 131 ? Interview with Strahan, publisher of Black Buzzard Press Magazine, about his poetry. Includes some readings: "Dutch Nights", etc. [Note: Cavalieri papers and broadcasts are housed in the George Washington U.
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