50th Anniversary of the Watts Rebellion in Los Angeles

Historic Recordings from Pacifica Radio Archives:

The Fire This Time (2-CD set)

This 57-minute documentary about the 1965 violence and looting in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts was created from field recordings and includes interviews with spectators and participants in the looting, representatives for the Black Muslims and various civil rights groups, as well as critics of the Los Angeles Police Department.  This historic recording is available as a single audio compact disc.


Grand Performances Aftershocks - WATTS50 (DVD)

Pacifica Radio Archives and From the Vault Radio joined forces with the Grand Performances  Summer Concert Series in Los Angeles on July 10th, 2015 to present a 50th Anniversary remembrance of the 1965 Watts Rebellion, a time when social unrest over unemployment and police discrimination gripped this Southern California neighborhood for seven days, resulting in 34 deaths and tens of millions of dollars in property damage.  Speakers and performers include Michael Alexander (Exec. Dir. Grand Performances), Margaret Prescod (KPFK), Anthony Marshall (Lyricist Lounge), Food4Thot, ILL CamiLLe, Beverly White (NBC), Jimetta Rose, Dave Lopez (CBS), Double G, Dead Prez, and Watts Prophets.  This exclusive concert video is available on a single DVD.






The PBS Digital series Blank on Blank is now featuring selections from a 1971 interview with acting legend Dustin Hoffman from Pacifica Radio Archives!  Hoffman speaks on the bomb set off by the Weather Underground in the home of his neighbor, on fame, on drug use, on his friendship with Gene Hackman, and on youth revolution. 

Quoted Studios, a nonprofit dedicated to uncovering, preserving and reimagining the American interview, produces their signature series Blank on Blank in collaboration with PBS Digital Studios.

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Check out the brand new animated film based on the historic John Coltrane interview from Pacifica Radio Archives!   Quoted Studios, a nonprofit dedicated to uncovering, preserving and reimagining the American interview, produces their signature series Blank on Blank in collaboration with PBS Digital Studios. 

Listen to the entire John Coltrane interview from Pacifica Radio Archives.

Get your copy of the "The Coltrane Legacy" two-disc set for $28.50 from Pacifica Radio Archives, which includes the complete 1966 John Coltrane interview with Frank Kofsky and a 2005 interview with John's wife, Alice Coltrane.




Our American Women Making History & Culture, 1963-1982 project, funded by a grant from the National Historic Records and Publications Commission, continues to progress. Help us continue to preserve and make available for future generations this

incredible history! For a contribution of $100 or more we will thank you with a copy of our American Women Making History & Culture, 1963-1982, Vol. 2 Sampler! Click here to donate today!



CLICK HERE to get your copy of the the Pacifica Radio Archives Martin Luther King, Jr Special Collection MP3 Disc which includes the newly discovered speech delivered December 7, 1964 at City Temple Hall in London.




From the Vault 484: The Population Bomb

This week on From the Vault we present a 1968 interview with Stanford Professor Paul R. Ehrlich (noted population biologist and author of the book titled "The Population Bomb,") and Professor Dennis Parnell (Catholic scientist and biologist at California State College at Hayward). They talk with Al Silbowitz about the drastic measures called for by the increasingly critical population explosion, and about Pope Paul's encyclical opposition to birth control. This program was originally broadcast during KPFA's "Open Hour." We'll follow this 1968 interview with a 2015 update from Paul Ehrlich himself, as we ask him the question, "So what can we do?"

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