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For a pledge of $100 or more you will receive our American Women Making History and Culture 1963-1982 Project Sampler, Vol. 2 mp3 disc. Contains ten hours of recently-digitized historic audio recordings, featuring:


Anais Nin: The New Woman (1974, 29 minutes)

Author Anais Nin gives a talk on the feminist movement and its impact on women's social condition.

The Sylvia Plath Program (1973, 42 minutes)

The poetry of Sylvia Plath, mixed with music by KPFA producers Anita Barrows and Debbie Sweeney.

Angela Davis: Black Women in America (1974, 47 minutes)

Talk by writer and activist Angela Davis at UCLA on the struggles and accomplishments of Black women in the US and around the world.

Audre Lorde (1972, 24 minutes)

Poet Audre Lorde reads selections from her work.

Jane Fonda at the San Francisco Film Festival (1975, 26 minutes)

Actor Jane Fonda answers questions from the audience at the 1975 San Francisco Film Festival.

Mrs. Sherri Finkbine Speech (1966, 26 minutes)

Sherri Finkbine speaks at the Conference on Abortion and Human Rights held January 9, 1966 in San Francisco.

Sappho: A Reading (1973, 32 minutes)

The lyrics of the ancient Greek poet Sappho are read by Beryl Grafton, accompanied by Daniel Moore on harp.

Here She Is: The Making of Miss America (1970, 54 minutes)

An impressionistic documentary about the events surrounding the 1970 Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City, NJ, by Mary Lou Oakes and Robert Kuttner.

Margaret Mead: Changing Lifestyles in America (1970, 24 minutes)

Anthropologist Margaret Mead's speech before the City Commission on Human Rights hearings on the status of American women in contemporary society.

Women's Liberation and the Arts (1971, 65 minutes)

A panel of women artists and critics, including Kate Millett, Louise Nevelson and Faith Ringgold, discuss women's liberation and the arts at the Art Students League of New York.

Gypsy Rose Lee (1965, 35 minutes)

Burlesque dancer and actress Gypsy Rose Lee discusses her life in the theater with KPFA's Herb Feinstein.

A Witches' Hex: Z. Budapest (1981, 56 minutes)

A sound portrait of a ritual hexing of a man who had murdered several hikers on Mt. Tamalpais, conducted at that recreation area by Z. Budapest and a coven of thirty other witches.