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All the information on this page pertains specifically to the work done under the auspices of the NEA4 Grant #07-3400-7003. The following menu will help you navigate the projects that have benefited from the NEA's assistance:

Pacifica Radio Archives, repository for programs broadcast by the Pacifica Radio Network (1949-present) identified, preserved, digitized, corrected descriptions and catalog entries, made available, and publicized 30 historic radio art programs from the Pacifica Radio Archives; and digitized and made available via publicly searchable web access, 5 editions of the Folio (illustrated station program guides). The online program catalog was migrated, corrected and improved. Tape preservation and digitization by Safe Sound Archives, Philadelphia.

In addition to the 30 historic radio art programs identified, preserved and made available by this grant, this grant project allowed us to identify an additional 150 programs (as an ancillary result of the research funded by this NEA award) which were added to the preservation shipment to SafeSoundArchive. These included key African American History tapes including Lorraine Hansberry and Duke Ellington, and "1968 Revolution Rewind Project" tapes including reports from the Chicago DNC and film, literature, music and theater-related recordings.

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Restored Audio

These programs have been transferred to compact disc thanks to the NEA4 Grant #07-3400-7003. Clicking on the archive number after each heading will take you to a more detailed record of the program. Some of the programs have samples available, clicking "Download" or "Stream" provides access to these.

1958.  The Salton Sea Disaster, 1958,
PRA # BB0096.01.
Series: California Calamities. Documentary on flooding of the Colorado river which resulted from attempts to divert water to irrigate the Imperial Valley in California.

1958.  The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire / written by James B. Stetson ; read by Charles Levy, 1958,
PRA # BB0096.02.
Reading of an eyewitness account of the April, 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire disaster.

1962.  Poetry of Charles Bukowski, 1962,
PRA # BB4966. Listen.
Earliest recording of Charles Bukowski reading from his first book of collected poems. The poet reads 15 selections.

1962.  Experiment: Two Ideas / produced by Bill Butler and Bob Fass, 1962,
PRA # BB3604a/b.
A contribution from radio veterans of the 1960's, Bill Butler and Bob Fass. Part 1 (reel one) is a collage of music and spoken word, including a reframe from philosopher, writer, and expert in comparative religion Alan Watts. Music mixed in includes avant garde piano pieces, Flight of the Bumble Bee and a gospel song. Part 2 (reel 2) is a monologue of a lone man who gives a series of responses as he enters into different situations including a bingo game, city street, department store, and ball game. He appears invisible to others in the scenes, his pleas to be noticed go unanswered and he complains no one is paying attention to him. The final scene reveals his real dilemma.

1962.  A Personal Statement / Christopher Isherwood, 1962,
PRA # BB0893.02. Listen.
Series: The Writer at mid-century: the moral crisis; no. 2. Talk on the author's responsibility toward society recorded at University of California, Berkeley, 30 Aug. 1962. Christopher Isherwood challenges the assumption that there are subjects unsuitable to literature.

1963.  Chicken soup with Barley / by Arnold Wesker ; directed by Nina Serrano Landau, 1963,
PRA # BB0830a/b.
A radio adaptation of Arnold Wesker's 1959 play produced at Pacifica's KPFA station in 1963.

1963.  The Bride of ESP / written and directed by Jim Armstrong, 1963,
PRA # BB0925a/b.
A radio drama parodying early, traditional forms of radio theatre with an original science fiction script.

1965.  Hollywood Be Thy Name / written by Jack Hirschman ; produced by David Ossman and Michael Dayton, 1965,
PRA # BB4594.
An early, artistic audio collage of words and music about Hollywood.

1965.  Istanbul Express, 1965,
PRA # BB0926a/b.
Original drama written for radio.

1967.  Dream of a Ridiculous Man / Fyodor Dostoevsky ; adapted by Erik Bauersfeld, 1967,
PRA # BB5499.
Adaptation of Dostoevsky's work for radio. Included in the cast: Martin Ponch, Conley, Chris Lighthill, Shirley Jones, Nancy Ponch, Toby Halpern and Eric Bauersfeld.

1967.  The Bald Saprano / written by Eugene Ionesco, 1967,
PRA # BB4512a/b.
Radio adaptation of Eugene Ionesco's play.

1968.  My Father, Robert Frost / Lesley Frost and Will Geer ; introduced by William Gahagan, 1968,
PRA # BB1832.
Daughter of celebrated author, Lesley Frost gives the annual Frost Memorial Lecture and actor Will Geer performs.

1968.  Bike-boy: Two Superstars / Bruce Haines and George McKittrich ; interviewed by Claire Clouzot and Lee Meyerzove, 1968,
PRA # BB5249.
The actors discuss their experiences in making Andy Warhol's film.

1968.  Interview with Leroi Jones / interview by Earl Anthony, 1968,
PRA # BB4613.
Celebrated Black poet playwright and black power activist is interviewed.

1968.  Ronny Watkins talks with Jerzy Kozinski, 1968,
PRA # BB3283.
An interview with Jerzy N. Kozinski the author of the 1965 novel, "The Painted Bird".

1968.  An Interview with Taylor Mead and Tom Hompertz interviewed by Claire Clouzot, 1968,
PRA # BB5201.
Cast members discuss Andy Warhol's film "Lonesome Cowboys". Also present were Bruce Haines from Warhol's "Bike-boy" and poet Lee Meyerzov.

1969.  Don Juan : The Sorcerer / Carlos Castaneda ; interviewed by Theodore Roszak, 1969,
PRA # BB2038. Listen.
Carlos Castenda, author of "The Teachings of Don Juan", discusses his experiences with hallucinogenic substances used under the guidance of his Yaqui Indian teacher, don Juan Matus.

1969.  A Day in the Park / Narrated by William Malloch, 1969,
PRA # BB4160a/b.
Sound actuality recorded at the Life Festival held in Lincoln Park Chicago, Ill., August 27, 1968; includes music and confrontation with police. Includes music, crowd interviews, Bobby Seale speech, crowd singing "Kumbaya", speech by Chicago clergyman (unknown), LBJ un-birthday party, crowd singing "America the Beautiful", Studs Terkel speaks to the crowd.

1970.  Theatre of the Balustrade of Prague / Cast: Lew Merkelson and Peggy Holter, 1970,
PRA # BB5046. Listen.
KPFK Interview with Ladislav Fialka and company members of the Czech mime Theater after the U.S.S.R invasion of Czechoslovakia and the banning of the Theatre of the Balustrade resident playwright, Vaclav Havel.

1971.  Men Thought to be the Enemy / Alta ; interviewed by Eleanor Sully, 1971,
PRA # BC0108.
Bay area feminist / poet Alta interviewed by Eleanor Sully.

1971.  Alta Performing at the League of Academic Women's Benefit, 1971,
PRA # BC0477. Listen.
Bay area feminist author performs.

1971.  Susan Griffin Reading Her Poetry, 1971,
PRA # BC0224.
Eco-feminist author Susan Griffin reads her poetry.

1971.  The Changing Culture: From the Panhandle, 1971,
PRA # BB5256.
Report on the Haight Ashbury Street Fair. Includes actuality of performing groups. Recorded, San Francisco, 31 July 1971.

1971.  The Last Poets: Live at the Harding Theater / produces by Larry Scott, 1971,
PRA # BC0226.
Live poetry performance at the Harding Theater in San Francisco in 1971 by three members of "The Last Poets".

1971.  Catonsville Nine / William Shallert / interviewed by Fred Hyatt, 1971,
PRA # BC0212.
Actor William Shallert discusses the play "Trial of the Catonsville Nine" in which he plays the judge.

1972.  The Caucasian Chalk Circle / written by Bertolt Brecht ; produced by Bruce Gossard and Everett Frost, 1972,
PRA # BC0910a/b. Listen to Part 1. Listen to Part 2.
Performance of Brecht's play for radio. Andrew Doe, director; Music by Morton Subotnick ; performed by the Pomona College Players.

1973.  Are You Now, Or Have You Ever Been?, 1973,
PRA # BC1419a/b.
Dramatic reading of Eric Bentley's play about the House Un-American Activities Commission performed before a live audience.

1974.  Panic in Salem: The Radio / produced by Tim Jerome and Charles Potter, 1974,
PRA # BC2082. Listen.
Play about witchcraft adapted for radio. CAST: Gibby Brand, David Burroughs, Pat Stuard, Meya Ribeon, Charles Potter and Tim Jerome. Musical direction by James Irsay.

1975.  Battles, Feasts and Solitudes / Collette ; produced by Maureen McIlroy, 1975,
PRA # BC2369a/b.
Radio play scripted from Colette's novels, letters, and the autobiography of her third husband.

1975.  Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (Ginsburg, Sontag, Bookchin, Atkinson), 1975,
PRA # BC2069.15a/b. (Alan Ginsberg: d/l | Str.) (Ti-Grace Atkinson: d/l | Str.) (Susan Sontag: d/l | Str.). Listen.
Allen Ginsberg, Susan Sontag, Murray Bookchin, and Ti-Grace Atkinson discuss the American revolution and its legacy.

1976.  The Book of Hags / by Deena Metzger ; adapted and directed by Everett Frost, 1976,
PRA # BC2920.
Veteran radio producer Everett Frost produced this dramatic radio adaptation of Deena Metzger's novel-in-progress at the time in 1976.

1976.  Changes / written and read by Denise Oliver, 1976,
PRA # WZ0019. Listen.
Coming of age story of Denise Oliver, a black woman member of the Black Panther and Young Lords parties.


Historic Folios

KPFK, Los Angeles WBAI, New York CIty
January 1968 January 1960
April 1968 March 1972
  May 1972

Access to these five historic folios is made possible by the NEA4 Grant #07-3400-7003

January 1968

January 1968 started what was to become the most significant and tumultuous year in modern history. Here the Pacifica program guide documents what was planned in advance for the month's programs. We surmise changes were made to the program schedule as world events unfolded such as the January 31 Tet offensive in Vietnam. Included are photographs by William J. Warren, poetry by William J. Margolis, and Art by Avati. Notable programs include: The Room, by Harold Pinter, Zen poems read by eastern philosopher Alan Watts, Ogden Nash reading his poetry; a radio documentary on Black Power origins and a speech by John Kenneth Galbraith.

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April 1968

Who knows what was really on the air during the week of Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination? The April 1968 folio, entitled "Open your ears and say aaah!" began with a plug of that very week supposed to feature Carl Reiner, Peter Sellers, Carol Channing, James Baldwin, and Dick Van Dyke among other notables. Starting April 8th and running till the 30th, there are general programs of interest like operatic productions of Wagner's Tannhauser, Hadyn's L' Infedelta Delusa, and Rossini's Moses, Ravi Shankar interviewed by William Malloch, a rebroadcast of a 1964 BBC program "The Beatles Speak," a lecture by Dr. Lewish Yablonksy on "The Hippies in America," and an interview with Jeannette Rankin. The folio itself has an essay in memory of "Cuisine Bourgeoisie" host Sasha Shor by Sophie Stein and "KPFK SOUND '68 a prospectus for growth" which is an explanation of the different departments of KPFK along with the '68 KPFK budget ($16,200 for folio production).

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January 1960

This is WBAI's inaugural folio. The cover boasts a short essay by then-Pacifica president Harold Winkler. Featured programs are (of course) a Dedicatory Program celebrating listener-subscription radio in New York with a speech by then-Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller, "Hail, Blithe Spirit" an article by Dalton Trumbo read by the author, actor Theodore Bikel at Home, an interview with Alfred Hitchcock by Colin D. Edwards, Alan Watts talks about "The Great Books of Asia," and a BBC Production of "Twelfth Night."

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March 1972

This folio has the essays "If God Had Wanted Us to Listen, He Would Have Given Us Ears" by Dan Kavanaugh, "Reflections on Leaving WBAI" by Julius Lester and "Feedback" by Bruce Soloway and The Network Project (which is featured on the cover). There is also a cartoon to accompany a program called Survival about "Building Shelves," and a small excerpt from a program called "Women's Day in Studio C." Other programs this month are a Langston Hughes Memorial featuring excerpts of the poet reading work shortly before his death, the "Bangla Desh Poetry Reading" with readings by Allen Ginsberg, Andre Voznesensky, Kenneth Koch, and others, a dramatic presentation of "The Plough and the Stars" by Sean O'Casey directed and cast by John Lithgow, and "We are Attica," interviews with prisoners regarding the September 1971 prison rebellion.

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May 1972

The May 1972 covers WBAI's Court Case with articles by Ed Goodman ("On 44 Hours in Civil Jail"), an interview with Neil Sheehan, Jeremiah S. Gutman, Rhonda Copelon Schoenbrod, Peter Weiss ("Of Tapes and Subpeonas: A Guide for the Layman") and more. This folio also has an insert titled "Marathon '72" which shows a programming schedule and explanation of the marathon. A few interesting programs include, "The Life of the Mind: The Two Worlds of Dr. Spock" (a lecture by the Doctor in 2 parts), a documentary about the Lawrence textile-worker Strike in 1912, live "Short Plays by Sir Noel Coward" produced and directed by John Lithgow, and "Sound Poetry" produced by Ruth Rotko.

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The Pacifica Radio Archives Preservation & Access Project is funded (in part) by awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, grants from The Ford Foundation, The Pacifica Foundation, supporters of the Pacifica Radio Archives, members of the Adopt-a-Tape program, and listeners to Pacifica Radio Stations, KPFA, KPFK, KPFT, WBAI, WPFW.