Part 1: Chomsky| Part 2: Reganomics

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Part 1: Chomsky| Part 2: Reganomics
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Part 1: Chomsky| Part 2: Reganomics / Metzger| RECORDED: May, 1984. - CONTENT: Part 1: Noam Chomsky speaks at a monthly review panel on U.S. intervention and reasons behind it, areas of instability and superpower confrontation. Recorded May 14 at Village Gate. Part 2: Issues 84: Reganomics| Lester Thurow debates William Niskanen of Presidents Council on Economic Advisors. Debate was recorded at Issues 84, a forum held May 12 at Hunter College and sponsored by the Democracy Project. - BROADCAST : Part 1: Unkown| Part 2: May 22, 1984 / WBAI RESTRICTIONS : Unknown.

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