The race card : a look at the use of race in American politics

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The race card : a look at the use of race in American politics
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This five-part series on race and democracy includes compelling conversations and speeches that explore where issues of race and democracy collide. The series looks at how racism and racial realities pose a challenge to our democracy. Hate-related violence topics include the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma, the assassination of Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, and the torching of a store in New York, which have all been traced to inflammatory speech. Citizens are asking if heated political rhetoric, including vile hate speech, leads to violence, the endangerment of the citizenry, and therefore, should be limited legally.<br>With each new election year, it seems as if the race card is dealt more frequently in political campaigns. This program will look at why American politicians use race as a way of dividing citizens in order to attract certain voters. The show will also provide stories of how the race card has been used in campaigns throughout U.S. history. Guests will peer ahead at the election year to project what racial code words and issues, like 'immigration' and 'welfare reform' will be used as candidates play the race card in both the North and the South. The guests include Mercedes Lynn de Uriarte, associate professor in journalism and Latin American studies at the University of Texas, Austin as well as Kenneth O'Reilly, author of 'Nixon's piano : presidents and racial politics from Washington to Clinton and Roger Wilkins, professor of political science at George Mason University.

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Satellite, Feb-Mar 1996.
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Los Angeles, CA: Pacifica Radio Archives
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