The $72 Solution : The Death Penalty

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The $72 Solution : The Death Penalty
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The $72 Solution : The Death Penalty / produced by Shaun Keenan Gilson and Edmundo Resendez. Documentary from interviews with death row inmates, family members, attorneys, prosecutors and others about the use of the death penalty, specifically in Texas. CONTENT: pt.1. Documentary on the development of capital punishment in the United States, and its temporary abolition. Interviewees are: Ray Hill, reform activist| Leslie Perez, former gay prostitute| and archival material (30:30) -- pt.2. Documentary on the political and legal ramifications of resotration of the death penalty after 1972. Interviewees are: reform activists, county prosecutors| Mack Arnold, defense attorney| Jim Mattox, attorney| Clarence Brandley, freed death row inmate (27:00). BROADCAST: Satellite, 14 Jan. 1991.

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