Explorations With Dr. Michio Kaku - October 3, 2000

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Explorations With Dr. Michio Kaku - October 3, 2000
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Explorations with Dr. Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics at the City University of New York, science program. Top News stories: Dr. Wen Ho Lee case, apologies from the N.Y. Times : 11,046 endangered plants and animals : genes isolated for type 2 diabetes (calpane 10) : Outer space, astroid impacts on earth GUEST MITCHELL BEGELMAN, author of "Turn right at orion: travels through the cosmos" [Persus BookGroup, 2000; ISBN 073820207x] about a journey to the center of the black hole and into deep space. Answers listener calls.

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October 3, 2000
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October 3, 2000
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60 min.
Los Angeles, Pacifica Radio Archive, 2000
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