Pacifica's coverage of the Los Angeles uprising / executive producer Don Rush.

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Pacifica's coverage of the Los Angeles uprising / executive producer Don Rush.
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Two hour report on the second day of violence which erupted in Los Angeles following the acquital of four police officers of all but one charge in the beating of Rodney King.

r.1. Closure of schools and public events in Los Angeles / Alan Fong ; Comparison with the 1965 Watts riots / Louis Morton ; Northern California reaction / Larry Bensky ; Demonstrations in Washington, D.C. / Hamill Harris ; Congressional Black Caucus reations / Maxine Waters ; Events in Los Angeles / Don Rush ; Heading into the second night of rioting / Saul Landau ; Black outrage at injustice / Tom Porter ; National phone call-ins ; Report on Los Angeles / Tom Porter ; Student reaction in Berkeley / Don Rush ; New York officials react / Amy Goodman ; Impact on South Central / Tom Porter ; Bay area demonstration / Larry Bensky ; Legal analysis of verdict / Michael Harris ; Media coverage of the event / Don Rush (50 min.) -- r.2. Media coverage of the event / Don Rush ; Reaction to the verdict in Los Angeles / Garret Gallagher ; Different than 1965 Watts riots / Lewis Morton ; Events in Bay area / Brian Kemp ; Anlysis of the Rodney King verdict / Bob Pugsley ; British Cultural worker's reaction / June Reed ; interviewed by Mark Bevis ; Coverage does not show the reality / Larry Bensky ; Unchanging America / Ron Daniles ; Phone-ins from across the country ; Summary of events in Los Angeles / Garret Gallagher (56 min.).

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Satellite, 30 Apr. 1992.
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2 reels (106 min.) : 7 1/2 ips., mono.
Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archive, 1992.
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