Democracy Now! January 6, 1999

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Democracy Now! January 6, 1999
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U.S. Military Spending; What did Mobil Know? The Killing Fields of Aceh; Y2K and the Progressive Community. Does it Matter?

(14 Minutes) U. S. Military Spending Analysis of President Clinton's proposal which is the largest peace-time military spending increase since the Reagan era for fiscal year 2000 budget. $110 billion increase has been proposed. Also analysis of Clinton's "timely" bombings of Iraq and Sudan, Medicare and Social security. GUEST: Michael Klare, Professor of Peace and Woeld Security Studies at Hampshire College in MA. GUEST: Phil Berrigan, Plowshares Activist, just finished serving 2-year sentence, for hammering on a Aegis destroyer, NBC capable (nuclear, biological, chemical) at Bath Ironworks in Maine in 1996. (19 Minutes) What Did Mobil Know? The Killing Fields of Aceh When the Indonesian Army turned Aceh into a killing field, did mobil provide crucial logistical support used to dig mass graves? GUEST: Jafar Sidiq Hammzah, an attorney from Aceh based in NY. GUEST: An Achenese Mobil contractor who does not want to be identified in order to protect his family. (17 Minutes) Y2K and the Progressive Community. Does it Matter? Questions are raised regarding Y2K. GUEST: Paul Martin, chairs the board of EarthCulture and special Advisor on the Y2K problem for the DC Green Party.

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January 6, 1999
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January 6, 1999
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WPFW; Maria Carrion, Norman Kelley; January 6, 1999
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