San Diego Folk Festival workshops / produced by Howard and Roz Larman.

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San Diego Folk Festival workshops / produced by Howard and Roz Larman.
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Actuality from workshops on folk music.

r.1. How to write a song : Alice Gerrard, Bruce Phillips, John Bosley, Tom Waits and Hazel Dickens (63 min.) -- r.2. Ballads and Broadsides workshop ; Frankie Armstrong, Rita Weill, Holly Tannen, and Johnny Walker (60 min.) -- r.3. Songs of working women workshop : Mary McCaslin, Frankie Armstrong, Alice Gerrard, Hazel Dickens and Rita Weill (59 min.) -- r.4. Texas and Oklahoma Blues Workshop : Frank Scott, John Hogg, Thomas Shaw, Phillip Walker, and Robert Jefferys (62 min.) -- r.5. Irish music workshop : Kenny Hall, Debby Mcclatchy, Rita Weill, and Will Spires (58 min.) -- r.6. Country harmony workshop : Ray and Ina Patterson, Vern and Ray, Hazel and Alice and Strange Creer Singer (57 min.) -- r.7. Cowboy songs workshop : Bruce Phillips, Jim Griffith, Tracy Scwartz, Martin Henry and Ray Bierl (62 min.) -- r.8. Songs of the North Country workshop : Holly Tannen, Frankie Armstrong, Johnny Walker, Rita Weill, Jon Wilcox and Andy Walllace (61 min.) -- r.9. Songwriters workshop : Tom Waits, Jon Wilcox, Alice Gerrard, Mary McCaslin, Hazel Dickens, Patty Hall, Debby McClatchy, Jim Ringer, Bruce Phillips, Ken Shaw and Jack Tempchin (78 min.).

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Apr. 1974.
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KPFK, 1 July 1974.
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9 reels (560 min.) : 7 1/2 ips, mono.
Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archive, 1974.
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