The car top rally

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The car top rally
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Actuality of student protests against new campus rules at University of California, Berkeley. Mario Savio reports on university administration's continuing unwillingness to negotiate ("...Strong and Kerr were 'not contactable.'"); Savio expresses concerns about further violence against the demonstrators and possible police actions to break the rally; urges solidarity: "Please be here tonight!" He later announces a Joan Baez concert to be held that night. Folksinger Barbara Dane is introduced and leads the crowd in several songs including "Oh Freedom!," "This Little Light of Mine," "It Isn't Nice" (Phil Ochs), "I'm On My Way (To the Freedom Land)." She announces the amount of money that has been raised for the movement and what has been spent. A representative from the Spanish and French Teaching Assistants read an open letter to Clark Kerr about the administrations protest restrictions. Roger Kauffman[sp?] speaks from the fraternity perspective. Dick Roman warns of pending police arrival. Ex-Student Body President of Reed College and student representative from San Francisco State University speaks about the solidarity of students on their campuses with the FSM demonstrators. Jack Weinberg expresses fears about possible violence that evening and about complicity of university administration in these actions. Dick Roman makes an announcement about a possible "turning point" in negations between FSM representatives and Clark Kerr; discusses strategies for preparing for possible massive arrests that evening. Unidentified professor urges that the demonstrators disband and "give faculty a chance to intervene," rather than face mass arrests. On-mike reporter announces deployment of Alameda County sheriffs and university police in various quadrants of Sproul Plaza. Dick Roman and others give instructions to crowd on how to deal with arrests and possible police violence. RECORDED: University of California, Berkeley, 2 Oct. 1964. Recording quality of some latter portions of this segment is poor.

Mario Savio on the state of demands and negotiations, and announces Joan Baez concert that night; Barbara Dane leads songs, and announces fund raising efforts; open letter about protest restrictions; Roger Koffman presents fraternaty perspective; Dick Roman warning of pending police arrival; Barbara Dane leads songs; Reed University student brings support from that campus; 2 students speak; Jack Weinberg expresses fear of police that evening; Dick Roman update on negotiations; Assistant Professor calms crowd; Dick Roman on negotiations; Art Goldberg instructs "monitors" to lock arms on the outside of the crowd; description of police confrontation.

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Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archive, 1964.
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