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The Velvet Sledgehammer: February 16, 1983

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The Velvet Sledgehammer: February 16, 1983
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Production reel for the February 16, 1983 episode of The Velvet Sledgehammer. Hosted and produced by Eileen Zalisk. First, a tribute to Susan B. Anthony, who would have been 162 years old this week. Zaliks gives a brief history of Susan B. Anthony's life and work, and then Blanch Wiessen-Cook interviews with Ellen DuBois, editor of "The Correspondence of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton", interviewed by Blanche Wiesen Cooke. Next, voices from women's history, women influenced by Susan B. Anthony. Readings of the words of Anna Howard Shaw (1847-1919), Carrie Chapman Catt (1859-1947), Jane Addams (1860-1935), Mary Harris Jones "Mother Jones" (1837-1930), Emma Goldman (1869-1940), Dorothy Day (1897-1980), and Elizabeth Gurly Flynn "The Rebel Girl" (1890-1964). Producer and narrator of the second segment aren't credited.

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WBAI 16 Feb. 1983
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Los Angeles: Pacifica Radio Archive, 1983
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RESTRICTED. Permissions, licensing requests, Curriculum Initiative, Campus Campaign and all other inquiries should be directed to: Mark Torres, Archives Director, 800-735-0230,
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This recording has been digitally preserved as part of Pacifica's American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982 grant preservation project, and is available for research and reference . Please contact the archives via telephone: 818-506-1077 or email:  americanwomen at pacificaradioarchives dot org for information on how to obtain a copy of this program. Thank you.

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