Democracy Now! September 16, 1997

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Democracy Now! September 16, 1997
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Amnesty International and the UN; Black Legislative Caucus Weekend; Campaign Fundraising Hearings

(14 Minutes) Amnesty International and the UN For the first time, Amnesty International made a direct presentation to the UN Security Council. GUEST: Pierre San, Secretary General of Amnesty International. (19 Minutes) Black Legislative Caucus Weekend Focus on issue of police brutality. A special hearing convened at the 27th annual legislative conference of the Congressional Black Caucus looking at problems and solutions. TAPE OF: Mrs. Noriis Gammage, mother of businessman Johnny Gammage who died at the hands of police officers in 1995. TAPE OF: Dorothy Cop Elliot, mother of 24 year old son who was shot 14 times by two police officers after a traffic stop. TAPE OF: Robert Wilkins, attorney in the public defender's office in Washington D.C. (17 Minutes) Campaign Fundraising Hearings A 45 member House panel led by Dan Burton (R-IN) will join the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee led by Fred Thompson (R-TN) in the campaign fundraising hearings. GUEST: Ed Henry, staff writer for Roll Call newspaper.

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September 16, 1997
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September 16, 1997
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WPFW; Julie Drizin, Amy Goodman; September 16, 1997
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