Democracy Now! September 2, 1998

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Democracy Now! September 2, 1998
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Headwaters; Russia & the Press; Colombia

(21 Minutes) Headwaters The CA state legislature has approved a deal to purchase the headwaters forest. The bill will transform the world's largest privately owned stand of ancient redwood trees into a public preserve. Environmentalists say the settlement will only save a portion of the land. The deal will mean millions for the owners, Pacific Lumber Company. However, politicians who brokered the agreement say it is sensible. CA state will pay $130 million to buy Pacific Lumber's 7500 acres of redwoods and turn it into a public park. Congress has already approved its $250 million share of the deal. GUEST: Julia Butterfly Hill, environmentalist who has been literally living in a tree that could now be sacrificed as a result of this settlement. GUEST: Kevin Bundy, Education Coordinator of EPIC (12 Minutes) Russia and the Press Focus on what Russian press has been reporting in light of its political and economic crisis. GUEST: James Ledbetter, columnist. (17 Minutes) Colombia Lately, rebels in Colombia have made significant strides in their war against the government. the peace process has disrupted as the Military restructures itself to face a more formidable challenger. The US continues to support the military despite evidence the government troops are increasingly brutal in their approach. GUEST: Mario Murillo, producer of Our Americas spoke with Daniel Garcia Pena, now outgoing high commissioner for peace in the Administration of President Ernesto Samper.

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September 2, 1998
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September 2, 1998
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WPFW; Julie Drizin, Amy Goodman; September 2, 1998
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