Democracy Now! September 4, 1998

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Democracy Now! September 4, 1998
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Rwanda; Million Youth March; March Continued -Issues/Media; Leadership

(2 Minutes) Rwanda (12 Minutes) Million Youth March Sept. 5 youth are expected to gather in Harlem for the Million Youth March. The March is convened by Khallid Mohhamed, the controversial former Nation of Islam Speaker who has been highly criticized for his negative remarks about jews, gays, catholics and whites. NY City officials are trying to block the march by denying a permit. GUEST; Roger Wareham, attny, for the march. GUEST: Salim Muwakill, Ed. at In These Times. (14 Minutes) Issues Can we separate the message from the messenger? Why is there a need for a march? GUEST: King Tone, also known as Antonio Fernandez of the Mighty Latin King and Queen Nation. The Latin Kings are a youth group and street organization. (10 Minutes) Media Focus on the media coverage of the march. Very little attention has been paid to the issues. Has this coverage been fair? GUEST: Steve Rendall, FAIR. (17 Minutes) Leadership How does someone like Khallid Mohhamed step into NYC and lead a March? GUEST: Cardinal Aswad Ambidwale, Cardinal in the shrine of the black Moddonna church which is sponsoring the march. GUEST: Salim Muwadill

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September 4, 1998
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September 4, 1998
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WPFW; Julie Drizin, Amy Goodman; September 4, 1998
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