Democracy Now! September 11, 1998

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Democracy Now! September 11, 1998
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Clinton Issues; Anniversary of Chile Coup; Unocal

(33 Minutes) Clinton Issues Lawyers familiar with Kenneth Starr's report to Congress investigating the president say the report contains evidence that Clinton committed perjery, obsructed justice, tampered with witnesses and abused the power of his office. GUEST: Jamie Raskin, is a prof. of Constitutional Law at American University. (5 Minutes) Anniversary of Chile Coup Twenty five years ago today the democratically elected government of Chilean President Salvador Allende was overthrown in a US backed coup. GUEST: Ariel Dorfmann, former aide to Chilean President Salvador Allende. (12 Minutes) Unocal A coalition of nearly 30 organizations in California yesterday presented the state's Attorney General Dan Lungren with a 120 page petition demanding the state government revoke the oil giant Unocal's corporate charter. The coalition is accusing the company of environmental devestation, unethical and unfair treatment of workers, deception of shareholders, undermining of US foreign policy and complicity in human rights violations against women, ethnic minorities, and idigenous peoples by foreign governments Unocal does business with. The petition opens a new legal strategy in challenging corporate abuses. GUEST: Robert Benson, prof. of Law at Loyola University. GUEST: Richard Grossman, Dir. of the Program on Corporations Law and Democracy.

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September 11, 1998
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September 11, 1998
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WPFW; Julie Drizin, Amy Goodman; September 11, 1998
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