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The Psychological Alienation of Black America; Interview With Joan Jara

(33 Minutes) The Psychological Alienation of Black America In a speech before his death two years ago, the renowned African American psychologist and mentor to Malcolm X, Amos Wilson, talks about inferiority complexes and the alienation of Black America. GUEST: Amos Wilson (died 1995) Asst. prof. of Psychology at the City University of NY and author of BOOK: BLACK ON BLACK VIOLENCE, BOOK: THE FALSIFICATION OF AFRIKAN CONSCIOUSNESS and BOOK: BLUEPRING FOR BLACK POWER. (17 Minutes) Interview with Joan Jara Chile's former dictator Augusto Pinochet today sits in custody in a London hospital after he was arrested on Saturday by British authorities and charged with crimes of genocide and terrorism. Joan Jara is the widow of Chilean protest singer Victor Jara. Speech from the 25th anniversary of Jara's death.

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WPFW; Julie Drizin, Amy Goodman; October 19, 1998
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