Democracy Now! November 12, 1998

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Democracy Now! November 12, 1998
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Progressive LA-Interview with Harold Meyerson; LA Police Watchdog Resigns; East Timor Massacre Anniversary

(14 Minutes) Progressive LA - Interview with Harold Meyerson As the gap between the city's rich and poor continues to expand, progressives are re-grouping around pressing social issues such as immigration, labor rights and police brutality, and a new and very diverse civic lift is emerging. This past month, activists from the left-of-center got together at the Progressive LA Conference at Occidental College to review their history and define their agenda for the coming millenium. GUEST: Harold Meyerson, Exec. Editor of the LA Weekly. (19 Minutes) LA Police Watchdog Resigns Under pressure from the LA Police Commission, Inspector General Katherine Mader announced this week that she will resign from her position. She was the first person to hold the post of official watchdog of the LAPD, following the landmark 1991 Christopher Commission report written in theaftermath of the Rodney King beating. GUEST: Michael Zinzun, Chairperson of teh Coalition Against Police Abuse in LA. GUEST: Ramona Ripston, Exec. Dir. of the American Civil Liberties Union in Southern California. (17 Minutes) East Timor Massacre Anniversary Seven years after Indonesian troops massacred hundreds in East Timor, the repression continues, and so does the resistance. GUEST: Matthew Jardine, member of the East Timor Action Network (ETAN). GUEST: Helmi Wattimena, Chariman of the Indonesian Democratic Institute.

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November 12, 1998
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November 12, 1998
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WPFW; Julie Drizin, Amy Goodman; November 12, 1998
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