Democracy Now! October 25, 2001

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Democracy Now! October 25, 2001
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POWER/PEACE/PERIL: The Pacifica Report from Pacifica Network News

Power/Peace/Peril: Thursday 10/25/01: The Pacifica Report from Pacifica Network News The war against Afghanistan was to end with the seizure of Osama bin Laden. Now the debate among US allies is 'when is the end of the war'?" ' "Blowback: the unintended domestic consequences to a misguided US foreign policy"'[by Chalmers Johnson]... and though hundreds of restaurants are closed 15,000 restraunt workers have lost their jobs in New York City following the September 11th bombing, some are filling a new need' feeding the workers who continue the clean-up at the World Trade Center

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October 25, 2001
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October 25, 2001
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59 min.
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WPFW; October 25, 2001
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