The Poet And The Poem : Campbell Mcgrath

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The Poet And The Poem : Campbell Mcgrath
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The Poet And The Poem : Campbell Mcgrath / interviewed by Grace Cavalieri. The third program in a six-part series features Campbell McGrath, winner of McArthur 'genius' Award, given each year for creativity in the arts. He is author of 5 books since 1990. His first is entitled 'Capitalism' the latest, 'Florida Poems', c 2002. He reads from his new works and reads from a long poem describing Chuck E. Cheese as the blight of our civilization. McGrath is named 'Witter Bynner Fellow' at Library of Congress. Producer: Grace Cavalieri, Forest Woods Media Productions, Inc.

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January ?, 2002
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January 23, 2002
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Los Angeles, Pacifica Radio Archives, January 23, 2002
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