The history of From the Vault: 2006-2013

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The history of From the Vault: 2006-2013
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Running time: 342 hours
The complete 342-program series From the Vault is available for the first time in chronological broadcast order, from the first show in 2006 to the final episodes of 2013.  By far the most comprehensive and expansive compilation ever produced by Pacifica Radio for its listeners, The History of From the Vault: 2006-2013 features an astonishing array of meticulously-restored recordings covering dozens of subjects and hundreds of historic voices.  Included are the voices of Jim Morrison, Noam Chomsky, Audre Lorde, Maya Angelou, Jimmy Hendrix, Allen Ginsberg, Alice Walker, Edward Said, Ray Bradbury, Martin Luther King, Jr., Alan Watts, John and Alice Coltrane, James Baldwin, George Carlin, Kurt Vonnegut, Gore Vidal, Henry Miller, Paul Robeson, Marian McPartland, Malcolm X, June Jordan, Gwendolyn Brooks, Adrienne Rich, Sun Ra and many, many more.

FTV001 Pacifica’s 57th Anniversary (2006) - Lew Hill, Elsa Knight Thompson
FTV002 1979 March on Washington for Gay and Lesbian Rights
FTV003 Bertholt Brecht (1947-1969)
FTV004 Iran Hostage Crisis (1980) - Phone call to the American embassy in Iran, Jimmy Carter
FTV005 Ginsberg’s Howl (1956)
FTV006 Quentin Crisp (1978, 2000)
FTV007 Alan Watts (1959, 1977)
FTV008 The American Soldier (1967, 1971) - John Kerry, Dale Minor
FTV009 Margaret Mead (1958, 1975)
FTV010 Pauline Kael (1963, 1976)
FTV011 Bertrand Russell (1959, 1970)
FTV012 Global Meltdown – Three Mile Island (1979) - Documentary, also Helen Caldicott
FTV013 Racial History in Los Angeles (1992, 2002) - Juneteenth Special 2002 documentary
FTV014 Sorry, Wrong Number (2003) - Radio play stars Shirley Knight, Ed Asner
FTV015 James Baldwin (1961, 1968)
FTV016 Hiroshima by John Hersey (1958, 2004) - Radio adaption stars Tyne Daly, Ruby Dee and Roscoe Lee Brown, Daniel Benzali
FTV017 The 1982 Israel – Lebanon War - Noam Chomsky, Edward Said
FTV018 Emma Goldman (1972)
FTV019 Henry Miller (1972)
FTV020 Jim Morrison, Poet (1975)
FTV021 J. Krishnamurti (1969)
FTV022 The Satanic Verses (1989) - Readings, panel discussion
FTV023 June Jordan (1968, 1991)
FTV024 George Carlin, Pacifica, and the FCC
FTV025 Adi Gevins, Award-winning Pacifica producer
FTV026 Our Fast Food Nation (1976, 2000) - Mid-70’s junk food documentary, also Howard Lyman
FTV027 Halloween Special (2006) - Elvira, Boris Karloff, Elsa Lanchester, Children of the Corn
FTV028 Walking for Peace (1961, 1969) - Peace Pilgrim Mildred Lisette Norman
FTV029 Peace (1953, 1968, 1971, 1982) - W.E.B. DuBois, Jesse Jackson, John Kerry, Coretta Scott King
FTV031 John Lithgow’s Time at Pacifica (1971) - Under the Gun, Playhouse: The Assassins
FTV032 The Color Purple (1978, 2006) - Alice Walker
FTV033 Holiday Special, Part 1 (1941, 1993) - Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Red Skelton
FTV034 Holiday Special, Part 2 (1941, 1993) - Jack Benny, Daniel Ellsberg

Season Two (2007)
FTV035 Gerald Ford (1975)
FTV036 Winnie-the-Pooh (1971) - Richard Wilbur, Winnie-the-Pooh Musical
FTV037 Stonewall (1969, 1981) - Gay retrospective, Greg Gordon
FTV038 The Free Speech Movement (1964) - Mario Savio, Sproul Hall – UC Berkeley
FTV039 The Coltrane Legacy - John and Alice Coltrane
FTV040 Spinning Disaster - Michio Kaku, Robert F. Kennedy
FTV041 We Shall Overcome, Part 1 - Freedom Riders, Fannie Lou Hamer, Ruby Dee, Ossie Davis
FTV042 We Shall Overcome, Part 2 - Stokely Carmichael, Huey Newton, Eldridge Cleaver
FTV043 Freedom Now!, Part 1 (1963) - Documentary includes actuality of the Birmingham rally, riots
FTV044 An Audio-Biography of Helen Caldicott
FTV045 Women in Film 1 (1969-1976) - Bette Davis, Ruth Gordon, Shelly Winters
FTV046 Women’s Poetry and Prose - Grace Cavelieri, Marianne Moore, Anne Sexton, Anais Nin, Maya Angelou
FTV047 Molly Ivins
FTV048 Robeson, Wright, and Buckley (1957, 1958, 1959) - Paul Robeson, Frank Lloyd Wright, Lord Buckley (1959)
FTV049 Kurt Vonnegut (1970) - Speech at NYU, also Donald Sutherland
FTV050 Rachel Carson and Silent Spring - Also Upton Sinclair, Dolores Huerta, Cesar Chavez
FTV051 Remembering Cesar Chavez, Also Dolores Huerta
FTV052 South Africa: A Lesson in Freedom (1990) - Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Miriam Makeba
FTV053 Mother’s Day Special - Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon, Maxine Waters, Arundhati Roy
FTV054 Studs Terkel Turns 95
FTV055 Larry Bensky Tribute
FTV056 Dolores Huerta: For Our Children
FTV057 Gay Pride Month – Christopher Isherwood
FTV058 War and Peaceful Demonstration - Martin Luther King, Jr., Century City, CA demonstrations
FTV059 San Diego Folk Festival - Rose Maddox, Patsy Montana, Lydia Mendoza, The Balfa Brothers
FTV060 Pride Month - Quentin Crisp, James Baldwin, Christopher Isherwood
FTV061 The Lively Air (1961) - Carl Sandburg, The Reverend Abernathy, Herschel Bernardi, Bruno Walter, Buddy Collette
FTV062 Woody Guthrie – Better World a Comin’
FTV063 Taking a Risk for Justice (2007) - Freedom rappers using archival sound
FTV064 Freedom Now!, Part 2 (1963) - Documentary includes actuality of the Birmingham rally, riots
FTV065 Langston Hughes (1963, 1968)
FTV066 Meet Ralph Nader
FTV067 Malcolm X – A Retrospective (1965)
FTV068 Mississippi Freedom Summer (1964) - Documentary
FTV069 C. Wright Mills (1962)
FTV070 Gore Vidal
FTV071John Henry Faulk (1969)
FTV072 Upton Sinclair
FTV073 Bill of Rights Anniversary - Howard Zinn
FTV074 Betty Friedan
FTV075 Amy Goodman (1992)
FTV080 Sounds That Change the World (2007)
FTV083 No Nukes Rally Reunion - Jackson Browne, Graham Nash, Bonnie Raitt, Harvey Wasserman, Helen Caldicott, Michio Kaku
FTV084 Feminist Journey - Betty Freidan, Germaine Greer, Gloria Steinem, bell hooks
FTV086 Sound of Soul - Langston Hughes, Richard Wright, Carmen McRae, Angela Davis, James Baldwin

Season Three (2008)
FTV087 Women of the World - Rachel Carson, Helen Caldicott, Vandana Shiva, Arundhati Roy, Wangari Maathai
FTV088 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Part One
FTV089 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Part Two
FTV090 Conscientious Objection - Daniel Ellsberg, Studs Terkel, James Farmer, Max Kampleman, William Stafford
FTV091 Coretta Scott King / Langston Hughes
FTV092 Forty Years of Ossie Davis
FTV093 The Power of African American Women - Rosa Parks, Fannie Lou Hamer, Lorraine Hansberry
FTV094 Black History Month and the BBC - James Baldwin, Tommie Smith
FTV095 Chicago Voice Project (1968) - Documentary: Portrait of a City in Rage
FTV096 International Women’s Day (1975) - Bernardine Dohrn, Sabina Virgo, Documntary: Out of the Kitchen and into the Sweatshops
FTV097 St. Patrick’s Day and the Irish Experience - Nell McCafferty, Bernadette Devlin McAliskey, William Butler Yeats
FTV098 Comedy (1961) - Carl Reiner, Steve Allen, Groucho Marx, Robert Young, Cecil Smith
FTV099 1968 – 40th Anniversary - Allen Ginsberg, Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King, Jr., Joan Baez
FTV100 Romeo and Juliet (1968)
FTV102 1968 Columbia University Strike - Actuality and interviews with students
FTV103 May Day (1977) - Struggles of the Labor Movement
FTV104 Bayard Rustin (1960)
FTV105 Paris Student Uprising (1968)
FTV106 Poor People’s Campaign (1968) - The Poor People’s March on Washington, 1968
FTV107 The 1968 Mexican-American Experience
FTV108 Robert F. Kennedy (1968, 1972)
FTV109 Highlights of the San Diego Folk Festival 1974-1977
FTV110 Film Director Jean Renoir
FTV111 Hitchcock and Hollywood
FTV116 A Passel of Pomp and a Circus of Circumstance, Part 1 - History of political party conventions in the United States
FTV117 A Passel of Pomp and a Circus of Circumstance, Part 2 - History of political party conventions in the United States
FTV118 A Night in Chicago (1968) - Democratic National Convention coverage, inside and on the streets
FTV119 The Final Frontier – Bradbury / Rodenberry
FTV120 Richard Nixon
FTV122 The Coup D’etat in Chile (1973)
FTV123 The Attica Prison Rebellion (1971)
FTV124 Bella Abzug (1971)
FTV125 San Diego Folk Festival – Songwriter’s Workshop (1974)
FTV126 “1968” – Part One - Cesar Chavez, Pete Seeger, Jesse Jackson, Ayn Rand
FTV127 Bob Fass / Radio Unnameable
FTV128 1968 – Arts and Literature - Poetry, music, cinema
FTV130 Studs Terkel – The Spoken Century
FTV132 Miriam Makeba Tribute (1968)
FTV133 Les Paul – Guitar Hero (2008)
FTV134 Cornel West
FTV136 The Campus Campaign and Mumford High School - High school students in Detroit listen to archival audio and respond
FTV137 Julio’s Holdiay Special - O. Henry’s The Gift of the Magi, Dylan Thomas’s A Child’s Christmas in Wales

Season Four (2009)
FTV140 Odetta
FTV141 The Village Gate (1977) - Dizzy Gillespie, Charles Mingus, McCoy Tyner
FTV142 Blues Legacies and Black Feminism - Angela Davis, Alberta Hunter
FTV143 W.E.B. DuBois – The Souls of Black Folk, Part 1
FTV144 W.E.B. DuBois – The Souls of Black Folk, Part 2
FTV145 Dick Gregory (1963)
FTV146 Malcolm X (1960-1965)
FTV147 Paul Robeson (1958)
FTV148 St. Patrick’s Day: The Chieftans (1979)
FTV149 Shakespeare – This Was a Man, Part 1
FTV150 Shakespeare – This Was a Man, Part 2
FTV151 Shakespeare – This Was a Man, Part 3
FTV153 Pacifica Turns Sixty - Dylan Thomas, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, Lew Hill, Angela Davis
FTV154 First Earth Day (1971) - Pete Seeger, Allen Ginsberg
FTV155 The Ballad of Pete Seeger, Part 1 (1960, 2006)
FTV156 The Ballad of Pete Seeger, Part 2 (1960, 2006)
FTV157 The Beat Poets of San Francisco (1956) - Jack Kerouac, Lenny Bruce, Kenneth Rexroth
FTV158 John Trudell (1969) - Broadcasting from Alcatraz Occupation, Malvina Reynolds, Buffy St. Marie
FTV159 The Gay Movement (1969-1979) - Harvey Milk, Stonewall
FTV161 Gay Day 2009
FTV162 Gay Day – Time Capsule
FTV163 Juneteenth 2002
FTV165 Independence Day - Documentary on symbolism and personal rituals
FTV166 Plain Speaking – A Counter History of the United States, Part 1 (1976)
FTV167 Plain Speaking – A Counter History of the United States, Part 2 (1976)
FTV168 Plain Speaking – A Counter History of the United States, Part 3 (1976)
FTV169 Plain Speaking – A Counter History of the United States, Part 4 (1976)
FTV170 Plain Speaking – A Counter History of the United States, Part 5 (1976)
FTV172 George Jackson and the Soledad Brothers (1971)
FTV173 The Confessions of Nat Turner (1968)
FTV174 Lillian Hellman – American Playwright (1975)
FTV175 Sickening Societies (1976) - Health care
FTV176 They Remember Dvorak - William Malloch’s 1970 award-winning program
FTV177 Resistance of the Maya (1981)
FTV178 The Real Norma Rae – Crystal Lee Sutton (1980)
FTV179 Flor del Pueblo – Music of Resistance in Latin America (1976)
FTV180 Carlos Castaneda and Lila Downs (1968, 2001)
FTV181 Halloween Fantasy – Vampires - History of Count Dracula, music, dramatic readings
FTV182 Charles Darwin Centennial - 1959 address by Julian Huxley
FTV184 Hollywood Blonde (1964, 1966) - Jean Harlow, Sally Rand, remembering Marilyn Monroe
FTV185 Campus Campaing 2.0 Highlights, Part 1 - Women’s History, Rosanne Barr
FTV186 Campus Campaign 2.0 Highlights, Part 2 - Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Miriam Makeba, Jim Morrison, John Coltrane
FTV187 1999 WTO Protest Remembered - Ralph Nader, Paul Wellstone, Dennis Kucinich
FTV188 Noam Chomsky: 1968 – 2009
FTV189 Dustin Hofffman – 1970
FTV190 Julio’s 2009 Holiday Special - All is Calm: The Story of Silent Night

Season Five (2010)
FTV191 From the Vault on the BBC - Audre Lorde, Studs Terkel, George Carlin
FTV192 Immigration and Labor Panel (1982)
FTV193 John Cage (1963, 1965)
FTV194 Haiti (1975, 1990)
FTV195 Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, Part 1
FTV196 Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, Part 2
FTV197 Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, Part 3
FTV198 Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, Part 4 / Lady Day: Billie Holiday (1967)
FTV199 Sound of Soul, Part 2 - Ossie Davis, Langston Hughes, Rosa Parks
FTV200 Lorraine Hansberry (1967)
FTV201 The American Woman, Part 1 (1960) - Documentary: pioneer settler Anne Hutchinson
FTV202 The American Woman, Part 2 (1960) - Abolition and Suffrage Movements
FTV203 The Diary of Anais Nin (1972)
FTV204 The American Woman, Part 3 (1960) - Profile of feminist author Margaret Fuller
FTV205 Tolstoy’s War and Peace, Part 1 (1970)
FTV206 Tolstoy’s War and Peace, Part 2 (1970)
FTV207 Welsh Poet Dylan Thomas (1950)
FTV208 Diane di Prima and Lew Hill (1969, 1951)
FTV209 Howard Zinn’s Marx in Soho (2001)
FTV210 Lena Horne (1966, 1968)
FTV211 Sun Ra (1968, 1991)
FTV212 High Tea with Mrs. Miller (1966)
FTV213 Phil Ochs and Friends (1973)
FTV214 Pacifica Radio Archives and the BBC - Judy Garland, Mel Brooks
FTV215 Fyodor Dostoevsky: Notes From Underground, Part 1 (1975)
FTV216 Fyodor Dostoevsky: Notes From Underground, Part 2 (1975)
FTV217 Fyodor Dostoevsky: Notes From Underground, Part 3 (1975)
FTV218 Fyodor Dostoevsky: Notes From Underground, Part 4 (1975)
FTV219 The Ten Greatest Protest Songs of the 20th Century (1999)
FTV221 Bill of Rights Radio Education Project (1983)
FTV222 Hiroshima / Howard Zinn (2009)
FTV223 Dolores Huerta Birthday Bash (2010)
FTV224 The Chicano Moratorium (1970)
FTV226 Religion in Politics and Social Movements
FTV227 Ambrose Lane and Cornel West (1993)
FTV228 Say It Loud: New Songs for Peace (2002)
FTV229 Gays in the Military (1993)
FTV230 Jimi Hendrix (1982)
FTV231 The Triangle Fire of 1911
FTV232 Lawrence Durrll’s The Alexandria Quartet (1976)
FTV233 Free Speech Movement (1964)
FTV234 Edward Said (1972-2003)
FTV235 Campus Campaign 2009 Highlights - Emma Goldman, Bella Abzug, Betty Friedan, Dolores Huerta, Maya Angelou
FTV236 Campus Campaign 2010 Highlights - Cherrie Moraga, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, John Lennon
FTV237 Tim Robbins in Conversation with Studs Terkel
FTV238 John Lennon’s 70th Birthday Celebration
FTV239 Tales of Whales - Joni Mitchell, Country Joe McDonald, Burgess Meredith, Jeff Bridges, Gary Snyder
FTV240 Julio’s Holiday Special – The Nutrcracker
FTV241 Laughter from the Left (1971) - Richard Pryor, Lily Tomlin, George Carlin, Molly Ivins
FTV242 The Criminalization of Poverty (1992) - Sabina Virgo

Season 6 (2011)
FTV243 Jared Diamond – The Collapse of Civilizations
FTV244 Martin Luther King, Jr.
FTV245 Aldous Huxley
FTV246 Quentin Crisp
FTV247 The Reverend Ralph Abernathy
FTV248 Sarah Vaughn and Esther Phillips
FTV249 James Baldwin – The Free and the Brave
FTV250 Sacco and Vanzetti - The trial and execution of two anarchists
FTV251 Women in Film 2 - Spring Byington, Una Merkel
FTV252 Women Speak Out Against Facism - Elaine Brown and Marie W. Johnson of the Black Panther Party
FTV253 Dr. Helen Caldicott – If You Love this Planet
FTV254 Women’s Music and Poetry from the Coffeehouse - Suni Paz, cellist Martha Siegel, and poets Alice Walker and Sharon Thompson
FTV256 Pacifica’s Nuclear Energy Teach-in (1958) - Lord Bertrand Russell, Linus Pauling, Edward Teller, Coretta Scott King
FTV257 Pacifica’s Labor Teach-in - 1934 San Francisco Waterfront Strike
FTV258 Dial-a-Poem - Jack Spicer, Diane DiPrima, Allen Ginsberg, Ted Berrigan, Helen Adam, William S. Bouroughs
FTV259 Aram Saroyan and Poetry
FTV260 Manning Marable
FTV261 Peggy Berryhill – Why Wounded Knee?
FTV262 Ganienkeh – An Iroquois Tale
FTV263 The Freedom Riders’ 50th Anniversary - James Farmer interviewed by Elsa Knight Thompson
FTV264 Master Class in Acting with Rod Steiger
FTV266 Pacifica Radio in the United Kingdom - Fela Kuti, Jack Nicholson, Arthur Miller
FTV267 Geonimo ji-Jaga Pratt
FTV268 Gwendolyn Brooks and LeRoi Jones
FTV269 The Japanese in California, 1959
FTV270 Jane Fonda
FTV271 Robert Duncan
FTV273 Jack Spicer
FTV274 Gore Vidal – On the Eve of War
FTV275 James Joyce’s The Dead
FTV276 Audre Lorde
FTV277 A Ten-year 9-11 Retrospective
FTV278 Harvey Fierstein and Charles S. Dutton – Actors in Conversation
FTV279 James Thurber’s The 13 Clocks
FTV280 Sister Helen Prejean and Death Row
FTV281Wangari Maathai
FTV282 Toni Morrison – Walter Mosely – Julius Lester
FTV283 Crime and Capital Punishment - Steve Allen, Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter, Mike Farrell
FTV284 Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Body Snatchers
FTV289 Occupy Alcatraz (1969) - John Trudell, Occupation panel with Native Americans
FTV290 John Lithgow as Van Gogh (1972)
FTV292 Christmas Connection (1983) - Steve Allen
FTV293 Julio’s Holiday Special: To All a Good Night

Season 7 (2012)
FTV295 New York, New York (1971) - Big Mama Thorton, Woody Allen
FTV297 The Art of Muckraking (1962) - Upton Sinclair, Robert Scheer, Alexander Cockburn
FTV298 Freddy Hubbard (1973)
FTV299 Redefining Black Power - W.E.B Dubois, Rosa Parks, Fannie Lou Hamer
FTV300 Julius Lester’s To Be A Slave, Part 1 (1968)
FTV301 Julius Lester’s To Be A Slave, Part 2 (1968)
FTV302 Julius Lester’s To Be A Slave, Part 3 (1968)
FTV303 Gloria Steinem (1997)
FTV304 Women and Media in the Age of Obama (2012)
FTV305 Bayard Rustin (1962)
FTV306 Les Guerilleres: Feminist Radio Drama (1973)
FTV307 Mark Twain (1959)
FTV308 Selma James (1974)
FTV309 Adrienne Rich (1973)
FTV310 Levertov and Bukowski (1961, 1962) - Denise Levertov, Charles Bukowski
FTV311 Los Angeles Uprising – 20th Anniversary (2012)
FTV312 Female Beauty Rituals (1985) - Documentary on the social role of ‘beautification’
FTV313 The Beauty Myth – Naomi Wolf (1991)
FTV314 Howard Zinn – Memorial Day (1992)
FTV315 Trumpeter Donald Byrd (1987)
FTV316 Presidential Medal of Freedom - Toni Morrison, Dolores Huerta, Bob Dylan
FTV317 James Joyce’s Bloomsday
FTV318 Ray Bradbury (1964)
FTV319 William Carlos Williams (1955)
FTV320 Alexander Mickeljohn – First Amendment (1956)
FTV321 Cellist Janos Starker (1971)
FTV322 Music of the Portuguese Revolution (1975)
FTV325 Gore Vidal Tribute
FTV326 The Maysles Brothers (1971) - Pioneering documentarians Albert and David Maysles
FTV327 Rudi Gernreich, Fashion Icon
FTV328 Reproductive Rights (1982)
FTV329 Leonard Cohen (1974)
FTV330 Rita Mae Brown, Feminist Author (1976)
FTV331 Who is Sun Myung Moon? (1975)
FTV332 Jimmy Cliff: The Harder They Come (1975)
FTV341 Native American Activist Russell Means
FTV342 Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina (1974)
FTV344 Julio’s Holiday Special : Keeping Christmas Well
FTV345 The Seven Poor Travelers (1968)
FTV346 Women Composers, Part 1 (1991)

Season 8 (2013)
FTV347 Women Composers, Part 2 (1991) - Ellen Zwilich: Concerto grosso 1985, Marianna Martines: Sinfonia in C
FTV348 Free Music Store – Seals and Crofts (1971)
FTV349 Sound of Poetry – John Leonard (1962)
FTV350 Dear Brother Erika: Union Worker
FTV351 Malcolm X: Prospects for Freedom, Part 1 (1965)
FTV352 Malcolm X: Prospects for Freedom, Part 2 (1965)
FTV353 Negro History Week (1962) - Langston Hughes, Mary McLeod Bethune
FTV354 Redefining Black Power – State of the Union - Dr. Vincent Harding, Michelle Alexander, Dr. Julianne Malveaux, Ramona Africa
FTV355 Sylvia Plath (1961, 1972)
FTV356 Celtic Troubadour: Derek Bell (1979)
FTV357 Second Battle of Selma (1965) - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and actuality of the march on Selma
FTV358 Women’s Wave: Women in Punk and New Wave (1983)
FTV359 Flight of the Eagle: United Farm Workers (1995)
FTV360 Cherrie Moraga (1983)
FTV361 Poet May Sarton, 1983
FTV362 Andy Warhol (1967)
FTV363 Bob Kaufman, Poet: The Life and Times of an Afican-American Man, Part 1
FTV364 Bob Kaufman, Poet: The Life and Times of an Afican-American Man, Part 2
FTV365 Savina Virgo: Earth Day 2013
FTV366 One Billion Seconds Later: The Social History of LSD (1974)
FTV367 Nuyorican Poetry
FTV368 Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis (1998)
FTV369 Albert Camus (1961)
FTV370 Medgar Evers Memorial (1963)
FTV371 Me and My Shadow (1989) - Examination government infiltration of progressive organizations
FTV372 Nelson Mandela
FTV373 A Salute to Ella Baker (1968)
FTV374 Lillian Smith (1964)
FTV375 Fred Astair (1968)
FTV376 Douglas Turner Ward’s Day of Absence (1963)
FTV377 Stanley Kramer Centennial
FTV378 Black August (1993) - George Jackson
FTV379 I Have a Dream (1968) - News documentary produced by Pacifica three days after MLK, Jr.’s assassination
FTV382 An Evening of Country Fiddling: The Free Music Store (1972)
FTV383 A Delicate Balance: Tribute to Jazz Legend Marian McPartland (1974)
FTV384 Nobel Poet Seamus Heaney (1983)
FTV385 Inquest at Christiana, Part 1 (1968) - Radio drama on the slave resistance of 1851 at Christiana, PA
FTV386 Inquest at Christaina, Part 2 (1968) - Radio drama on the slave resistance of 1851 at Christiana, PA
FTV387 Homage to Albert Einstein (1962)
FTV388 JFK Assassination: 50th Anniversary
FTV389 Che and Allen (radio drama) - Dramatization of Che Guevara and Allen Ginsberg meeting in an Irish pub
FTV391 Paul Newman and John Cassavetes (1970)

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342 hours
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