Supermarket stories / produced by Ira Glass.

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Supermarket stories / produced by Ira Glass.
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Series exploring the economic, political and social forces which shape food production and distribution around the world. Each of the 10 modules begins in a supermarket, and then traces a topic back to its origins.

r.1. The Secret wars between store brands and name brands (10 min.) ; Can broccoli biz saves Guatemala's peasants (10 min.) ; Chicken farmer vs. chicken processors (10 min.) -- r.2. Meat vs. corn in Latin America (9 min.) ; Name brand vegetables (9 min.) ; US junk food in the Third World (9 min.) -- r.3. Jamaican guestworkers in US apple orchards (9 min.) ; Quiet de-regulation of US meat inspection (9 min.) ; Salmonella in meat (9 min.) -- r.4. Food from Mexico (12 min.).

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4 reels (102 min.) : 7 1/2 ips., mono.
Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archive, 1986.
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