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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
BB0751 Albert Camus : a memorial tribute / produced by Richard Vernier.

Jean Renoir, Justin O'Brien, Harding LeMay, Germaine Bree, Kenneth Rexroth, and David...

KPFA, 25 Feb. 1964.
BB0770 Writing in prisons / Anthony Boucher ; interviewed by Roger Phillips.

Discussion of prisoner authors.

KPFA, 21 Sept. 1961.
BB0794 Vile bodies and Helena / written and read by Evelyn Waugh.

Author reads his own prose work.|VILE BODIES AND HELENA / written and read by Evelyn Waugh...

KPFA, 11 Aug. 1962.
BB0798 William Faulkner reads.

Author reads his Nobel prize acceptance speech and selections from his works, As I Lay Dying, A...

KPFA, 6 July 1962.
BB1700 Tito Gobbi in California / interviewed by Frank DeBellis, Anthony Boucher, and Charles Shere.

Gobbi discusses California, wine, his painting and opera Simone Boccanegra.

KPFA, 1967?
BB3661 Sam DeWitt reads his own writings and comments thereon.


WBAI, 3 Dec. 1962.
BB3664 Eric Wensberg interviews Ivan Gold.

Author of Nickel Miseries discusses his life and work.|ERIC WENSBERG INTERVIEWS IVAN GOLD...

WBAI, 7 May 1963.
BB3951 Up the organization / by Robert Townsend.

Bob Kuttner, Larry Josephson, and Milton Hoffman interview Townsend about his recent book.

WBAI, 1 Aug. 1970.
BB4075 What can a man do? / Milton Mayer.

Speech by noted author and lecturer.

KPFA, 28 July 1969.
BB5087 Krazy kat : a portrait in depth / by E.E. Cummings ; read by Norman Belkin.

Reading of an analysis of George Herriman's characters.|KRAZY KAT : A PORTRAIT IN DEPTH / E...

KPFK, 11 Jan. 1963.
BB5238 The Two Ginsbergs : Allen and Louis.

Father and son authors read and discuss their work.|THE TWO GINSBERGS : ALLEN AND LOUIS...

WBAI, 23 Nov. 1964.
BC1203 From here to happiness / by Champion K. Teutsch ; interviewed by Barbara Cady.

Author discusses his book and the philosophy for happiness which it presents.

KPFK, 1973.
BC1359 The Devil tree / by Jerzy Kozinski ; interviewed by Barbara Cady.

Novelist discusses his book.|THE DEVIL TREE / by Jerzy Kosinski| interviewed by Barbara Cady...

KPFK, 1973.
BC1598 Ronald Subenicla : new writing / produced by B. Vuolo.

Discussion of contemporary authors.

WBAI, 1973.
BC2071 An Interview with Eric Bentley.

Playwright discusses his work and life.

WBAI, 197-.
BC2076 Alicia Bay Laurel and Ramon Sender.

Authors of Being in the Sun discuss their and play their music.

WBAI, 197-.
BC2336 Brian Moore reads from The Great Victorian Collection / interviewed by Charles Ruas ; produced by Linda Perry.

Moore reads from his novel and discusses his life and work.

WBAI, 1975.
BC2338 Interview with John Nance / interviewed by Margot Adler.

Author discusses his book The Gentle Tasaday.

WBAI, 197-.
BC2367 James Purdy reads from The House of the Solitary Maggot.

Author reads from his novel.

WBAI, 197-.
IZ0093 Out / Ronald Sukenick ; interviewed by Norman Rosten.

On his novel.

WBAI, Oct. 9, 1976.
IZ0228 Behind the Middle East conflict: the real impass between Arab and Jew / by Gil Carl AlRoy ; interview by Abraham Aig.

On his book about the socio-political blocks to a lasting Middle East peace.

WBAI, July 31, 1975.
IZ1391 Celebration: Harvey Swados

This is an interview with Bette Swados and Robin Swados, widow and son of the author Harvey...

American Women -- Relatives of notable men WBAI, November 29, 1975
KZ0001 Who is Sam Jackson : a memorial to Dalton Trumbo / produced by Jim Berland.

Actuality of memorial service for one of the Hollywood Ten: Ring Lardner, Jr., Kirk Douglas,...

KPFK, Sept. 16, 1976.
KZ0100 The Hazards of being male / by Herb Goldberg ; produced by the Gay Radio Collective.

On Dr. Goldberg's book about the macho-syndrome in American society, homophobia, gays, and...

KPFK, Dec. 14, 1976.
KZ0146 The Circular ruins : an evening with Jorge Luis Borges / produced by Paul Vangelisti.

The writer speaks before an audience about his life and work.|THE CIRCULAR RUINS : AN EVENING...

KPFK, Feb. 19, 1977.
KZ0176 Cockpit / Jerzy Kosinski ; interviewed by Paul Vangelisti.

About the book, Joseph Conrad, and the Polish language.|COCKPIT / by Jerzy Kosinski| interviewed...

KPFK, Dec. 2, 1976.
KZ0289 Studies on the left / Lee Baxandall ; interviewed by Clare Spark.

Editor of Radical Perspective in the Arts, who is Wilhelm Reich translator, nude beach advocate...

KPFK, Oct. 23, 1977.
KZ0517 A Sympathetic look at the Rev. Sun Myung Moon / Frederick Sontag ; interviewed by Jim Berland.

On his book supporting the Unification church.

KPFK, Jan. 24, 1978.
KZ0727 Science fiction writing / Philip K. Dick ; interviewed by Mike Hodel.

Author talks about the meaning, importance, status, and techniques of science fiction writing.|...

KPFK, Aug. 3, 1979.
KZ0729 The Imaginative qualities of actual things / Gilbert Sorrentino ; interviewed by Paul Vangelisti.

The poet, novelist, critic, and editor discusses his writing, other writers, and the culture of...

KPFK, Aug. 29, 1979.
KZ0782 The Naked civil servant / by Quentin Crisp ; interviewed by Jessica Schuman.

Author discusses his life and work.|QUENTIN CRISP / by Quentin Crisp| interviewed by Jessica...

KPFK, 1978.
KZ1005 Something to guard / by Cedric Belfrage ; interviewed by Dorothy Healey.

On his writings and views.

KPFK, Dec. 21, 1980.
KZ1127 Gore Vidal / interviewed by Tony Cavin.

About his political campaign.

KPFK, Apr. 19, 1982.
KZ1268 Zoot suit murders / by Thomas Sanchez ; interviewed by Barbara Cady.

Author disucsses his book about Chicano life in Los Angeles during the early twentieth century.|...

KPFK, Dec. 15, 1978.
KZ1279 An Interview with Christopher Isherwood / by Barbara Cady.

Isherwood discusses his book Christoper and His Find.

KPFK, Dec. 10, 1976.
KZ1282 Cinderella complex / Colette Dowling interviewed by Barbara Cady

Author Colette Dowling discusses her book "Cinderella complex" (Summit Books) with...

American Women -- Authors and journalists KPFK, June 29, 1981
KZ1283 Number our days / Dr. Barbara Meyerhoff interviewed by Barbara Cady

Dr. Barbara Meyerhoff, author of "Number our days" discusses her book about the elder...

American Women -- Authors and journalists, American Women -- Aging KPFK, May 1, 1979
SZ0050 Voices in the wind / produced by Robert Malesky.

Oscar Brand interviews animator Ralph Bakshi, cartoonist Gahan Wilson, condutor Karel Aerts,...

via NPR.
TZ0003 The Unexpurgated Code / J.P. Donleavy ; interviewed by Steve Heimel and Marsha Carter.

On his book and work.

KPFT, Feb. 8, 1976.