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Hodel, Mike.

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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
BB4011 Advise and dissent / Senators J. William Fulbright and Ernest Gruening ; interviewed by Mike Hodel.

Discussion of how these two Senators are opposing American involvement in Southeast Asia.|ADVISE...

WBAI, 24 June 1966.
BC0384 The Vamp / by Thomas Disch ; read by Mike Hodel.

Reading of a selection from Disch's science fiction book 102 H- Bomb.

KPFK, 6 Oct. 1971.
BC0387 Louis Tackwood.

Mike Hodel and Paul Fagan read newspaper accounts of the Tackwood story, and Tackwood holds a...

KPFK, 19 Oct.1971.
BC0564 Billy Dean Smith / Luke McKisick and Mrs. Smith ; interviewed by Mike Hodel and Dennis Mathews.

Smith's attorney and mother discuss his trial for his activities inVietnam.

KPFK, 1 Jan. 1972.
BC0575 Riders of the purple wage / by Philip Jose Farmer ; adapted by Mike Hodel.

Dramatic radio adaptation of Farmer's short story.

KPFK, 19 Jan. 1972.
BC1046 World science fiction convention / produced by Mike Hodel.

Kathy Calkin, Mitchell Harding and Joe Adams cover the convention.

KPFA, Sept. 1972.
BC1181 Wheels / Robert Thurston ; read by Mike Hodel.

Reading of science fiction short story.

KPFK, 197-.
BC1185 The Man in the rorshach shirt / Ray Bradbury ; read by Mike Hodel.

Reading of a science fiction short story from Bradbury's collection I Sing the Body...

KPFK, 197-.
BC1234 Test pattern for living / Nicholas Johnson ; interviewed by Barbara Cady and Mike Hodel.

F.C.C. commissioner discusses broadcasting and the media today.

KPFK, 197-.
BC1249 The Best and the Brightest / David Halberstam ; interviewed by Barbara Cady and Mike Hodel.

Author discusses his book.

KPFK, 197-.
BC1389 The Reins in Spain / produced by Mike Hodel, Abe Osheroff and Linda Krousen.

Documentary on the social and political situation in Spain under the Franco regime's...

KPFK, 1972.
BC1698 Frank Mankiewicz talks about Nixon and Watergate / interviewed by Mike Hodel and Carol Breshears.

Former McGovern campaign manager discusses his book Perfectly Clear which traces Nixon's...

KPFK, 28 Jan. 1974.
BC1774 Death and the compass / by Jorge Luis Borges ; read by Mike Hodel.

Reading of Borges' short mystery story.|DEATH AND THE COMPASS / by Jorge Luis Borges| read...

KPFK, 19 Apr. 1974.
BC1806 Game of Rat and Dragon / Cordwainer Smith ; read by Mike Hodel.

Reading of science fiction story from Smith's collection You Will Never Be the Same.

KPFK, 22 Apr. 1974.
BC1808 Ibiv Hakkaiv al Bokhari, Dead in His Labyrinth / Jorge Luis Borges ; read by Mike Hodel.

Reading of short story by the Argentinian writer.|IBIV HAKKAN AL BOKHARI, DEAD IN HIS LABYRINTH...

KPFK, 26 Apr. 1974.
BC1838 Auditing the Internal Revenue Service / produced by Earl Ofari, Mike Hodel and Tim Rosenfeld.

Documentary on the IRS, particularly its auditing relations with corporations, radical...

KPFK, 15 Apr. 1974.
BC1890 E. Howard Hunt : the man and his novels / Lee McLaren ; interviewed by Mike Hodel.

English professor discusses Hunt's writing.

KPFK, 24 Sept. 1973.
BC1942 After the myths went home / Robert Silverberg ; read by Mike Hodel.

Reading of story from Moonferns and Starsongs collection.

KPFK, 7 Oct. 1971.
BC1946 David Frye interview / interviewed by Mike Hodel.

|DAVID FRYE INTERVIEW / interviewed by Mike Hodel...

KPFK, 30 July 1973.
BC2263 Carl Hess : Letter to American / interviewed by Mike Hodel.

Hess discusses his political change of heart from conservative to libertarian left.

KPFK, 21 May 1975.
cBC2032 Mathew 11:28 : the Metropolitan Community Church / produced by Lucia Chappelle and Mike Hodel.

Report on the struggle of the Metropolitan Community Church to continue its work.|MATHEW 11:28...

KPFK, 13 June 1974.
KZ0253 The Futurlogical Congress / by Stanislaw Lem ; read by Mike Hodel.

Reading of the science fiction novel.

KPFK, 1977?
KZ0365 An Israeli general for peace / Mattiyahu Peled ; interviewed by Mike Hodel.

An ex-general discusses peace in the Middle-East.

KPFK, Apr. 1976.
KZ0400 Mechanization in the fields / interviews by Mike Hodel and Sam Kushner.

UFW representative discusses results of union research on mechanization.

KPFK, Feb. 27, 1978.
KZ0405 The Trial of James Earl Ray : a docu-drama / written by Mark Lane ; directed by Donald Dreed; produced by Mike Hodel and Lucia Chappelle.

A dramatization of the trial for the accussed assassin of Martin Luther King; points out CIA-FBI...

KPFK, Apr. 3, 1978.
KZ0732 L.A. plays itself / produced by Mike Hodel.

Audio collage on, in, and about Los Angeles, its cults, smog, sprawl, women, art, and people....

KPFK,29 Oct. 1978.
KZ0849 The City wears a slouch hat / by Kenneth Patchen ; produced and directed by Paul Vangelisti.

Radio play.

KPFK, Feb. 1978.
KZ0854 Popcorn / directed by Patrick Tovatt and Paul Vangelisti ; produced by Paul Vangelisti, Patrick Tovatt, and Bill Hunt.

One act plays.


A Very nice lunch / by Jack Johnson. -- The Ritual / by Mike Hodel.


A Very nice lunch / by Jack Johnson. -- The Ritual / by Mike Hodel.

KPFK, June, 1978.
KZ1112 The Trial of James Earl Ray / Mark Lane and Donald Freed : interviewed by Mike Hodel.

Discussion about the inequities and unanswered questions surrounding the trial of Martin Luther...

KPFK, Apr. 15, 1979.
KZ1168 Los Angeles Times article on the SLA / by Narna C. Trout ; read by Mike Hodel.

Background of the Symbionese Liberation Army.

KPFK, Apr. 1974.
KZ1330 A Look at Latin America : 1983 / Larry Birns ; interviewed by Mike Hodel.

Director of the Council of Hemisphere Affairs discusses the political and social conditions in...

KPFK, 7 Oct. 1983.
KZ1345 Nicaragua and Honduras : a study in democratic institutions / James Conn ; interviewed by Mike Hodel.

Santa Monica City Councilperson discusses his trip to Nicaragua and Honduras.

KPFK, 15 Nov. 1983.
KZ1972 The Sound and the fury : a tape history of KPFK / produced by Mike Hodel, Lucia Chappelle, and other KPFK station members.

Examination of the history of Los Angeles' Pacifica Station, which has bettled for...


r.1. Station goes on air : July 29, 1959 ; Early disorder ; Various perspectives aired ; Music...

CSVHodel, Mike.