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International relations.

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AZ0716 The First International tribunal on reparations for Black people in the U.S. / produced by Sandy Thompson.

Reports and testimony about the U.N. international laws concerning genocide and human rights....

KPFA, 1983.
AZ0872 Philip Agee is back.

Philip Agee talks about his experiences as a former CIA officer who wrote the first major book...

BB0072 The Hammer and the gong / Aage Rosendahl Nielson ; interviewed by Elsa Knight Thompson.

Director of the Scandinavian Seminar discusses the aims and objectives of the experiment in...

KPFA, 21 Apr. 1961.
BB0088 U.S. foreign policy / moderated by Colin Edwards.

Marshall Windmiller, Robert Scalapino, and Parker discuss the need to improve U.S.-Asian...

KPFA, 4 Feb. 1960.
BB0165.02 The Ideological crisis / Paul A. Schilpp.

Speech on the threat of anti-communism to United States foreign relations, and the use of aid to...

KPFA, 9 Sept. 1961.
BB0188 United Nations Day, San Francisco / Adlai Stevenson, Edmund Brown, George Christopher.

Speeches on methods for making the United Nations a more effective international agency.|UNITED...

KPFA, 28 Oct. 1961.
BB0192 The Changing United Nations / produced by Urban Whitaker.

Adlai Stevenson, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Clark Eichelberger evaluate the importance of the United...

KPFA, 26 Oct. 1961.
BB0259 Colonialism and peace / Brock Chisholm.

Talk on the need to reject traditional views of virtuous war and rationalized colonialism.|...

KPFA, 16 June 1961.
BB0329 British labour and peace / produced by Mike Tigar and John Whiting.

Labor leaders express their hopes and plans for achieving a stable world peace.

KPFA, 20 Jan. 1963.
BB0520.03 Nonviolent resistance : a case in point / Edward Keating, Ira Sandperl, and Roy Kepler.

Panel on techniques for starting an international nonviolence movement.

KPFA, 8 Oct. 1965.
BB0529 On Communication with the Soviet Union / S.I. Hayakawa.

Talk on the blocks to U.S.-Soviet communication.

KPFA, 25 Nov. 1960.
BB0631 Cooperation and competition / Ashley Montagu ; interviewed by Dick Moore.

Discussion of international relations.|COOPERATION AND COMPETITION / Ashley Montagu| interviewed...

KPFA, 14 Apr. 1963.
BB0638 Strategy of peace / John F. Kennedy.

Talk on the U.S. role in establishing a stable world order.

KPFA, 10 June 1963.
BB0660 The Poverty of nationalism / Sir Norman Angell.

Nobel Peace Prize winner discusses the need for a world government to control national interests...

KPFA, 23 Dec. 1963.
BB1192 A New foreign policy for the United States / Hans J. Morgenthau.

Talk on the need for a new approach to U.S. commitments around the world.

KPFA, 11 July 1967.
BB1213 The USA, Asia and Europe / Hans J. Morgenthau.

Talk on the importance of improving international relations.

KPFA, 2 Jan. 1967.
BB1221 Speech by U Thant at the 3rd UN commemorative session.

Speech on the need for international cooperation.

KPFA, 5 Aug. 1965.
BB1387 World peace through world law / Hans Kelsen.

Law professor advises that peaceful international relations can be achieved through a world-wide...

KPFA, 10 Dec. 1958.
BB1528 Dissenting opinions / Robert Pickus and Arlo Tatum.

Debate on alternative approaches toward international relations.

KPFA, 21 Dec. 1959.
BB1713.04 The Future of U.S.-China relations / Robert Scalapino.

Discussion of the development of better U.S.-Sino relations.

KPFA, 13 Jan. 1968.
BB1826.01-.03 The Signs of our time / Cardinal L.J. Suenens.

Series of talk about the role of religion in international relations.


r.1. A New approach to God (68 min.) -- r.2. A New approach to fraternity (50 min.) -- r.3. A...

KPFA, 20-22 Feb. 1968.
BB2090 Building a world community / moderated by Lou Hartman.

Dr. Yale Maxon, James Mundstock, Zika Bognadovice, and Douglas Mattern discuss ways to achieve...

KPFA, 12 Mar. 1969.
BB2149 A Lady called Peace Pilgrim / interviewed by Lou Hartman.

Lou Hartman interviews the activist who called herself "Peace Pilgrim" (neé Mildred...

American Women -- Activists, American Women -- Peace and Antinuclear activism KPFA, 2 Apr. 1969.
BB2203.04 James S. Vann.

Talk on new perspectives in international relations.

KPFA, 6 Oct. 1969.
BB2203.05 Dynamics of world revolution / Ernest Mandel ; introduced by Richard Lichtman.

Marxist economist gives his perspective on world development.

KPFA, 10 Oct. 1969.
BB2223 Pragmatism, peace, and revolution / Bruce Nelson ; interviewed by Elsa Knight Thompson.

Discussion of Nelson's trip to Moscow and Prague on behalf of various American peace...

KPFA, 27 Mar. 1969.
BB3027 The Changing United Nations / produced by Urban Whitaker.

Adlai Stevenson, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Clark Eichelberger evaluate the importance of the United...

KPFA, 26 Oct. 1961.
BB3045 Concepts of peace.

Examination of methods for gaining world peace.|CONCEPTS OF PEACE...

WBAI, 24 May 1962.
BB3176 The Limits of the American system / Samuel Harrington.

Talk on the inherent limits of the American approach to foreign policy.

WBAI, 28 July 1968.
BB3500 Disarmament : the course of history / Philip Noel-Baker.

Talk on world disarmament given at the Jane Addams Centennial Dinner.

WBAI, 18 Aug. 1960.
BB3777.01-.07 Ayn Rand commentary.

Rand presents her views on the world, politics, and human thought.


pt.1. The End of the road (1 reel : 25 min.) -- pt.2. The Invasion of Czechslovakia (1 reel : 30...

WBAI, 4 Apr.-22 Dec. 1968.
BB3809.01-.02 The Hazards of arms control / Philip Noel Baker.

Nobel Peace Prize winner and British Labour Party leader presents ways to end the nuclear arms...

WBAI, Apr. 1970.
BB3977 Gary Davis : world citizen / interviewed by Bill Schechner.

Davis explains why he gave up his American citizenship, and of the need for internationalism to...

WBAI, 1970.
BB3991 An Interview with Olaf Polme / interviewed by Betty Pilkington.

Swedish Prime Minister discusses the aims and objectives of the United Nations.|AN INTERVIEW...

WBAI, 3 Feb. 1971.
BB4102 The Transnational world / John McHale.

Talk on the need to creat a truly international view of world politics.

KPFA, 23 Nov. 1970.
BB4167 An Alternative to war or surrender / speech by Charles Osgood.

Charles Osgood speaks on his plan to reduce international tension.

KPFK, 13 Feb. 1964.
BB4170 The John Birch panel.

Walter Sellers, Stephanie Shulsinger, Robert Terpal, Dan Lesnay, James Rea, and Jack Saks...

KPFA, Apr. 1962.
BB4173 A Strategy for American security / Professor Seymour Melman.

Talk on the foreign policy needed to insure American security.|A STRATEGY FOR AMERICAN SECURITY...

KPFK, 4 Feb. 1964.
BB4351 An Interview with people who went to Paris.

Delegates to the Paris Peace Talks discuss their experiences.

WBAI, 9 June 1971.
BB4404 Does democracy have a future? / moderated by Nat Hentoff.

Norman Mailer, Herbert Marcuse, and Arthur Schlesinger discuss changing world politics.

WBAI, 11 June 1968.
BB4508 Applied science and practical peace / Joseph Kaplan.

Kaplan talks about his life and work promoting world-wide scientific cooperation.

KPFK, 19 May 1967.
BB4539 China in the world community / moderated by Lyman Van Slyke.

Arnold Toynbee and Hans Morgenthau discuss China and its international relations.|CHINA IN THE...

KPFK, 16 Feb. 1968.
BB4614 Interviews taken at the Peace Action Council press conference / by Sally Alexander.

Interviews with Peter Brill, Kathleen Savides, Arley Timm, Nona Lawson, Dr. S. W. Balkin and...

KPFK, 3 July 1967.
BB4688 The Problems of peace-making / Dr. Ralph Bunche.

Discussion about negotiating for peace.

KPFK, 25 June 1966.
BB4744 The World without the bomb / Kwame Nkrumah.

The President of Ghana addresses the Accra Assembly on disarmament.

KPFK, 28 Aug. 1962.
BB5330 The Limits of power for national security and the path to disarmament / Dr. Seymour Melman.

Reading of Melman's speech delivered to a Symposium on Disarmament Problems held in Moscow...

WBAI, 17 Jan. 1972.
BC0041.01-.02 Toward a future whole world.

Speeches pointing toward the dangers of nationalistic politics, and calling for a unified view...


r.1. Dr. Aurelio Peccei on the Club of Rome (44 min.) -- r.2. C. West Churchman on monism and...

KPFA, 1-8 Apr. 1971.
BC0141 East West relations and a new order in Europe / introduced by Helga Lohr-Bailey.

George Ball, Werner Ishoof and Zimchuk discuss international relations and politics.

KPFA, 15 June 1971.
BC0947 The Politics of heroin in Southeast Asia / Alfred McCoy ; interviewed by Danice Bordett.

Discussion of the international political ramifications of the heroin trade of Southeast Asia.|...

WBAI, 1972.
BC1141 Willie Minzey : marijuana political prisoner / John Porter and Gordon Brownell ; interviewed by Larry Bensky.

Discussion of Reverend Minzey's ten years-to life sentence for furnishing marijuana to a...

KPFK, 1972.
BC1483 Alfred M. Lilinthal speaks out.

Former U.S. State Department officer discusses the pressures and dangers presented by Middle...

KPFA, 1968.
BC2802 Women as internationalists : sharing the future.

A discussion of women as internationalists and the 1975 United Nations conference in Mexico City...

American Women -- International women WBAI, 25 Sept. 1975.
IZ0247 Nuclear sermon / Coretta Scott King.

Coretta Scott King delivers a talk on the threat of nuclear war titled "Peace: An...

American Women -- Peace and Antinuclear activism WBAI, 20 June 1983.
IZ0249 U.N. Correspondents Association's luncheon / Jeane Kirkpatrick.

U.S. ambassador to the United Nations speaks about Latin America and other issues.|U.N....

WBAI, 26 Apr. 1983.
IZ0279 Town meeting on the Iran-Contra Constitutional crisis : what it means / moderated by Barbara Cohen.

Speeches which explore the implications of the Iran-Contra affair for United States politics....


r.1. The House-Senate Select Committee report / John Donyers ; The Corruption of law and policy...


r.1. The House-Senate Select Committee report / John Donyers ; The Corruption of law and policy...

IZ0284 Coverup, behind the Iran-Contra affair : talks and a panel following a showing of the film.

Speeches and a panel discussion following the showing of the film Coverup : behind the Iran...


R.1. Speeches (52 min.) -- r.2. Panel discussion (45 min.).


R.1. Speeches (52 min.) -- r.2. Panel discussion (45 min.).

KZ0061 Foreign policy address / Zbigniew Brezinski.

Foreign policy advisor to Jimmy Carter on the need to achieve a long-lasting world peace.

KPFK, Oct. 19, 1976.
KZ0445 Industry, oil, and art / S. Goldman ; interviewed by Clare Spark.

Clare (Loeb) Spark interviews S. [Stephanie?] Goldman on Armand Hammer, oil politics, and...

KPFK, Aug. 6, 1978.
KZ0762 Endgame / by Strobe Talbot ; interviewed by Jim Berland.

The inside story of SALT II.

KPFK, 30 Oct. 1979.
KZ0771 The Situation in Cambodia / Ben Margolis ; interviewed by Dorothy Healey.

Member of the U.S.-Vietnam friendship society on the political and social conditions in Cambodia...

KPFK, Oct. 28, 1979.
KZ0772 Iran and the U.S. / Dorothy Healey.

The hostage situation, support for the Shah, and anti-Iranian sentiment in the U.S.

KPFK, Nov. 11, 1979.
KZ0773 Something happening here / Marsha Goodman and Arash ; interviewed by Anita Frankel

Goodman, a filmmaker who witnessed the revolution in Iran in 1978, and Arash of the Iranian...

KPFK, Nov. 15, 1979.
KZ0811 The Hawks devour the doves / Michael Klare ; interviewed by Anita Frankel.

An Institute for Policy Studies foreign affairs expert discusses American foreign policy,...

KPFK, Jan. 10, 1980.
KZ0815 War fever : a panel of professors and a journalist look at the map of world crisis / interviews by Anita Frankel.

On international relations: Nikki Keddie, UCLA history department; Richard Baum, UCLA political...

KPFK, Jan. 25, 1980.
KZ0823 Jessie Jackson on the Middle East.

A speech on American foreign policy toward the mideast.

KPFK, Feb. 1980.
KZ0861 What's what in the old world that makes the new world nervous : a conversation about Europe / Carl Boggs ; interviewed by Anita Frankel.

Sociologist discusses differences in outlook between Europe and the United States on global...

KPFK, Mar. 14, 1980.
KZ0868 The Abortive raid in Iran / Banning Garrett ; interviewed by Anita Frankel.

Phone interview exploring the ramifications of the U.S. raid on Iran to recover the American...

KPFK, Apr. 25, 1980.
KZ1022 Teach-in on the arms race / organized by Suzi Weissman

On April 20, 1981, KPFK held a day-long peace festival, dedicating the entire day to examining...

American Women -- Peace and Antinuclear activism KPFK, Apr. 20, 1981.
KZ1337 Michio Kaku.

Talk before the Asian American Conference for Nuclear Awareness on the need for nuclear...

KPFK, 5 Aug. 1983.
KZ1352 A Closer look at the enemy / Robert Scheer.

Talk on how a strict cold war mentality leads to strained U.S.-Soviet relations.

KPFK, 4 Jan. 1984.
KZ1353 Ron Dellums.

Talk on the need for a new American approach to foreign relations.

KPFK, 1 Feb. 1984.
KZ1427 Libya bombing response / Noam Chomsky ; produced by Pam Burton.

Chomsky discusses the short and long term implications of the United States bombing of Libya....

KPFK, 17 Apr. 1986.
KZ1446.13 Citizens awake : foreign policy starts at home / interviewed by Sharon Almerigi and Barbara Dunlap.

Irvine, California Mayor Larry Agran discusses a nation wide campaign for a comprehensive test...

KPFK, 1987.
KZ1532 Designing the future : the global walk for a liveable world / Joan Bokaer ; produced by Sue Babidroux and Sly Rivers.

Director of the Global Walk for a Liveable World, Joan Bokaer, outlines the major problems we...

KZ1644 The Changing tide / Robert Scheer ; produced by Diane Hatch-Avis.

Talk before the League of Women Voters about the changing composition of California. Robert...

KPFK, 15 May 1991.
KZ1890.21 The New United States military / Mary Edwards Worts, Ernest Fitzgerald, and John Alexander ; interviewed by Ian Masters ; commentary by Edmond Haddad.

Three interviews, news analysis, and commentary.|THE NEW UNITED STATES MILITARY / Mary Edwards...


pt.1. News analsysis / Edmond Haddad (5 min.) -- pt.2. Life of an army brat / Mary Edwards Worts...

PZ0065 A Foreign policy address / by Alexander Haig.

Secretary of State delivers speech before the U.S. Chamber of Commerce annual meeting on...

PZ0078 Jeane Kirkpatrick.

The UN ambassador addresses the American Enterprise Institute on the subject of regulation by...

PZ0117 The War Powers Act and foreign relations : Grenada and Lebanon / Philip Trimble ; interviewed by Helen Mickiewicz.

Professor of International Law discusses Reagan's violation of the War Powers Act and...

4 Nov. 1983.
PZ0136 Disarmament : two perspectives / produced by Andy Lansett and Barbara Day.

News report from actuality of two speeches given at the Waldorf Historia on 18 November. Paul...

Pacifica News, 18 Nov. 1986.
PZ0287.406 Democracy Now! September 9, 1997

Albright Isreal Visit; Cassini Launch Revisited; In the Time of the Butterflies


(14 Minutes) Albright Israel Visit US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright visits Israel to...

September 9, 1997
PZ0287.416 Democracy Now! September 23, 1997

Smithsonian Controversy; Nike and Human Rights Abuses; Korea


(14 Minutes) Smithsonian Controversy 46 members of Congress last wek wrote to teh Smithsonian...

September 23, 1997
PZ0342.104 Democracy Now! February 25, 1999

Jasper Trial; U.N. Seeks Retrial of American in Peruvian Prison; L.A. Eight Face Deportation;...


Jasper Trial An update on the sentencing phase of the murder trial of John William King, a white...

February 25, 1999
SZ0395 The United States and Soviet relations with the Third world / Alexander Cockburn.

Columnist for The Nation and The Wall Street Journal, speaks on the changing relations between...

SZ0482.25 Parallels and intersections / Papusa Molina and Polly Lin ; interviewed and produced by Sue Supriano.

Molina and Lin discuss the national conference Parallels and Intersections: Racism and Other...

SZ0482.31 Restoring the global environment / Rama Vernon ; interviewed and produced by Sue Supriano.

Vernon, director of Soviet-American dialogue, explains how she has taken over 1,000 Americans to...

SZ0553.06 Hosteling and eco-tourism : Herb Hiller / produced by Mary Pat Fisher.

Ongoing series of interviews with individuals from around the world who are responding to the...

CSVInternational relations.