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Pratt, Elmer Geronimo

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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
AZ0580 Melody Ermachild, private eye / interviewed by Philip Maldari

Melody Ermachild, a forty-year old mother, describes how she got started doing private...

American Women -- Autobiographies and Biographies, American Women -- Work and unions KPFA, May 1981
KZ1101 Twelve years later / Geronimo Pratt ; interviewed by Sylvester Rivers.

Former Black Panther imprisoned on a murder charge, despite evidence to the contrary, discusses...

KPFK, Dec. 14, 1981.
KZ1200 Justice in America : for African-Americans? / produced by Sylvester Rivers.

Documentary on how the American legal-judicial system works against Blacks and other minorities...

KPFK, 1982.
PZ0287.215 Democracy Now : December 16 : The Case Of Geronimo Pratt

DEMOCRACY NOW : DECEMBER 16 : THE CASE OF GERMONIMO PRATT / Pacifica Foundation| Produced by...

December 16, 1996
PZ0287.278 Democracy Now : March 13 : Geronimo Pratt.cia Hearings

DEMOCRACY NOW : MARCH 13 : GERONIMO PRATT.CIA HEARINS / Pacifica Foundation| Produced by Julie...

March 13, 1997
PZ0287.279 Democracy Now : March 14 : Geronimo Pratt Hearing

DEMOCRACY NOW : MARCH 13 : GEROMINO PRATT / Pacifica Foundation| Produced by Julie Drizin and...

March 14, 1997
PZ0287.340 DEMOCRACY NOW : June 9, 1997

DEMOCRACY NOW!/ Pacifica Foundation| executive producer Julie Drizin| produced and hosted by Amy...

June 9, 1997
PZ0287.342 DEMOCRACY NOW : June 11, 1997

DEMOCRACY NOW!/ Pacifica Foundation, executive producer Julie Drizin| produced and hosted by Amy...

PZ0287.61 Democracy Now : May 13 : Black Panthers-- Then And Now

Democracy Now : May 13 : Black Panthers-- Then And Now / Pacifica Foundation| produced by Julie...

May 13, 1996
PZ0300.07 Voices Of Pacifica : Geronimo Pratt And Sabina Virgo

VOICES OF PACIFICA / PRODUCER| Mark Torres : RECORDED| January, 1997 : PROGRAM| 7...

January 15, 1997
PZ0300.31 Geronimo Pratt

Geronimo (Janome Ji Jaga) Pratt, speech at Pasadena City College, CA in October, 1997; following...

PZ0342.109 Democracy Now! March 4, 1999

Lori Berenson: MIT Graduate in Peruvian Prison; Nigerian Elections; Police Brutality in the U.K...


Lori Berenson: MIT Graduate in Peruvian Prison As Attorney General Janet Reno yesterday wrapped...

March 4, 1999
CSVPratt, Elmer Geronimo