Morning Show March 11, 2002 With Host Sonali Kolhatkar

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Morning Show March 11, 2002 With Host Sonali Kolhatkar
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Morning Show March 11, 2002 With Host Sonali Kolhatkar -Tape 1: (60 min.) Guest: Erik Gustafson, Ex Dir.of Ed. for Peace in Iraq Center (EPIC) 202-543-6176 : U.S. Policy & Iraq Guest: Al Garcia, Coordinator for Philippine Peasant Support Network for Bayan Internat. USA (New Patriotic Alliance) 213-989-1629 or 213 353-9255 on topic: U.S. troops in Philippines. Guest: Mike Signorile, Activist and columnist with the N.Y. Press 212-254-4652 on topic: Republicans in bed with anti-gays Tape 2: (60 min. Segment 3) Guest: Richard Katz, former San Fernando Valley Assemblyman on topic of Valley Secession. Guest: Susan Burton, on topic women out of jail. with ORG: a new way of life at 323 357-7990 or 213 453-8144 Guest: Greg Palast, author of "The best democracy money can buy" 616 284-8331 or 631 987-8542 Produced by Armando

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March 11, 2002
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March 11, 2002
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60 min. ea.
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KPFK, 2002
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