Sensuality in marriage: question-and-answer session / Maxine Serett. (Episode 2 of 4)

Maxine Serett, author of the book "The Housewife's handbook on selective promiscuity" (under the pen name Rey Anthony), fields audience questions following a lecture on sexuality and marriage (in California, venue unknown) on January 14, 1965. The lecture centered on how monogamy in marriage doesn't work and how to best approach being monogamous in marriage.

Lesbian sisters (series record)

This is the series record for the series "Lesbian Sisters". This series gives news and views of the lesbian community; exploring the Lesbian culture. Women’s music, poetry, discussion, guests, sometimes live performers, open phones. Hosted by Evan Paxton. First Tuesday of each month.

Rapid transit : when, where, and how? (Episode 2 of 2)

Barry Siegel, Los Angeles Urban Coalition Transportation Consultant; Margot Feuer, member of the South Coast Regional Commission and Land Use Planning Advocate for Los Angeles County; and Tad Widby, Transportation and Land Use Planner for the Southern California Association of Governments talk about land use and transportation in Southern California. Moderated by Ellen Stern Harris.

The moving center : Isla Vista (Part 2 of 2)

A documentary about the riots in Isla Vista, California, near the University of California, Santa Barbara, in late February 1970. After the first night of rioting, the Bank of America building in Isla Vista was burned to the ground. This program, which was recorded by KPFK's music director William Malloch, documents the events of the second night of the riots.

Lesbian sisters: October 5, 1976

This is Helene Rosenbluth's first episode of the series "Lesbian Sisters" on KPFK. The program opens with "Face the Music" by Meg Christian, then author Rita Mae Brown speaking at the Women's Building about art and politics.

Woman words: poetry by women / hosted by Pat Millar

This is a one-hour program of poetry and prose hosted by Pat Millar. Guests are Helena Maria Viramontes, Julia Stein, and Wanda Coleman. The program opens with a ten-minute sound piece by Molly Bosted entitled Abortion Contemplation: A Monologue.

West Coast Women's Music Festival, 1980 (raw recordings)

These twelve reels are live raw recordings taken at the West Coast Women's festival in 1980, held in Yosemite CA September 26-28th, 1980. The festival was produced by Robin Tyler and co-produced by Torie Osborn, and two to three thousand women attended. These recordings were a joint project of Pacfica radio stations KPFA and KPFK.
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