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DeBolt, Bob.

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SZ0575 Global debt as war against the poor / Susan George ; produced by Bob DeBolt.

Susan George, Associate Director of the Trans-National Institute and author of How the Other...

SZ0581 Healing ourselves and out world : diet for a small planet / John Robbins ; produced by Bob DeBolt.

Talk by John Robbins, author of Diet for a New America. He speaks about how he became concerned...

SZ0696 Organizing indigenous peoples to fight agression : A.I.M. / Dennis Banks ; interviewed and produced by Bob DeBolt.

Dennis Banks, co-founder of A.I.M. (The American Indian Movement) discusses how that...

SZ0697 South Africa, 1991 / Angela Davis ; produced by Bob DeBolt.

Political activist Angela Davis discusses her visit to South Africa in the fall of 1991....

SZ0718 Wealth addiction and the emotional meaning of money / Philip Slater ; interviewed by Bob DeBolt.

Philip Slater, author of "The Pursuit of Loneliness," "Earthwalk," and...

SZ0723 Sustainable agriculture and appropriate technology / Michael Moore ; interviewed by Bob DeBolt.

Michael Moore, a teacher of sustainable agriculture in Guatemela, discusses how sustainable...

SZ0724 Nicaragua's austerity program : war against the poor / CharlesGray ; interviewed by Bob DeBolt.

Charles Gray, a long time peace and social justice activists who spent 3 years in rural...

SZ0725 The World in crisis / Saul Landau ; interviewed by Bob DeBolt.

Saul Landau, filmmaker, author, and senior fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies in...

SZ0737 Changing Guatemala's agricultural economy : the highlandpeasant committee / Francisco Cali ; interviewed by Bob DeBolt.

Francisco Cali, co-founder of the Highland Peasant Committee (CCDA) discusses the increased...

SZ0746 The history of my people : an autobiography of an indigenous Alaskan / Mary Lockwood ; interviewed by Bob DeBolt.

Mary Lockwood, a Native American writer and artist from Unalaklut, Alaska, discusses the history...

SZ0758 Promoting democracy : a disastrous United States foreign policy / Ralph McGehee ; interviewed by Bob DeBolt.

Ralph McGehee, former CIA agent and author of "My 25 Years in the CIA," discusses...

CSVDeBolt, Bob.