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Poetry, Modern.

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BB0287 The Heart will not stop / written and read by Robert S. Hillyer.

Poet reads his own work.|THE HEART WILL NOT STOP / written and read by Robert S. Hillyer...

KPFA, 1962?
BB0422 In Egypt land / John Beecher ; interviewed by Trevor Thomas.

Poet discusses and reads from his work.|IN EGYPT LAND / John Beecher| interviewed by Trevor...

KPFA, 24 June 1961.
BB0753 Reading and comments on selected poems : 1945-1959 / James Schevill.

Poet reads and comments on his own work.

KPFA, 1960?
BB2070 Pop poetry / by Ronald Gross.

On the poetry Gross has uncovered from such sources as advertisements and newspapers.

KPFA, 20 Jan. 1968.
BB2904 Word art / Clark Coolidge ; interviewed by Eleanor Sully and Charles Amirkhanian.

Coolidge discusses his writing and experimentation with tape poetry.

KPFA, 6 Sept. 1969.
BB4158 In the style of De Kooning.

Reading of poetry, fiction, and musical performances concerning the work of Willem De Kooning;...

KPFK, 1 Nov. 1969.
BC0084 Highlights from the anthonology of underground poetry.

Poetry readings by Barbara Gravelle, John Yurechko, John Thompson, Christopher Brooks, Herman...

KPFA, 29 Apr. 1971.
BC0293 James P. North, vagabond poet.

Poet reads his works.

WBAI, 20Sept. 1971.
BC0718 Hut harsh mutt marsh / written and read by Charles Amirkhanian.

Amirkhanian performs his musical-poetry.|HUT HARSH MUTT HARSH| Produced by KPFA...


Radii -- EEYvYUSS -- Dactl dactl mther mtyer bongg bongg frgid -- Each'll -- Sniro -- If in...

KPFA, 1972.
BC1144 She who is electric / Judy Grahn.

Women-loving poems by poet Judy Grahn (1940 - ), including She Who and The Common Women series....

American Women -- Lesbians, American Women -- Poetry KPFA, Dec. 1972.
BC1156 David Bromige : an American poet / hosted by Cynthia Sears.

Poet reads and comments on selections of both published and unpublished works.

KPFK, 1972.
BC2254 W. S. Merwin reading his poems.

Poet reads selections from "The Carrier of Ladders", "The Lice" and "...

WBAI, 15 Apr. 1975.
BC2276 Highlights from Lawrence Ferlinghetti's poetry reading / produced by Lin Harris.

Poet reads selections of his work.


Pardon Me -- On the Road to Toklabampo -- Two Silent Waterbirds -- I am you... -- Great American...

WBAI, 30 Apr. 1975.
IZ0008 Gay poetry / read by Alma Routsong and Ronald Gold.

Alma Routsong, author of "Patience and Sarah" under the pen name Isabel Miller, and...

American Women -- Poetry, American Women -- Lesbians WBAI, Sept. 2, 1975.
IZ0026 William Carlos Williams / William Eric Williams and Reid Whitmore ; interviewed by Susan Howe and Charles Ruas.

Reminiscences about the poet; includes recording of Williams reading his poems at the 92nd...

WBAI, 1976?
IZ0067 Interview with Helen Adam / by Susan Howe and Charles Ruas.

Scottish poet Helen Adam (1907 - 1993) reads and discusses her ballads and other poetic efforts...

American Women -- Poetry WBAI, July 15, 1977.
IZ0070 A.K.A.L.Q. : also known as Lenny Quantum / by Michael Newman ; scored by Benjamin Folkman ; adapted for radio by Joan Schwartz.

The theory of quantum poetics which was based on an apprenticeship with W.H. Auden. Presented by...

WBAI, Dec. 26, 1976.
IZ0086 Harvey Shapero / recorded by Susan Howe.

Reads his poetry.

WBAI, Oct. 26, 1977.
IZ0087 Ann Lauterbach / produced by Susan Howe.

Poet Ann Lauterbach reads her work. Ann Lauterbach's work has appeared in numerous...

American Women -- Poetry WBAI, 12 Oct. 1977.
IZ0088 Paul Violi / recorded by Susan Howe.

Reads his work, including Harmatan.

WBAI, Nov. 4, 1977.
IZ0089 Rebecca Newth and Rachelle Bijou / produced by Susan Howe.

Poets Rebecca Newth and Rachelle Bijou read from their work. Rebecca Newth's poems have...

American Women -- Poetry WBAI, 16 Sep. 1977.
IZ0096 Robert Creeley / produced by Susan Howe.

Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky, and Hannah Weiner participate in the workshop.


r.1. Reading. -- r.2. Writers in Residence Free Writing Workshop at St. Marks Poetry Project....

WBAI, Nov. 25, 1977.
IZ0099 Blood-shot eyes.

Poetry and music by Wynonie Harris, Tina Darragh, Paul Violi, Alice Notley, Captain Beefheart...

WBAI, Sept. 25, 1976.
IZ0100 Pleasure of mental causation / produced by Mike Sappol.

Poetry, sound effects, and music by Tom Clark, Alice Notley, Ron Padgett, Ed Sanders, Joe...

WBAI, Sept. 17, 1977.
IZ0144 Ronnie Wathen performs / produced by Edward Haber.

Poetry reading and traditional Irish music.

WBAI, July 2, 1978.
IZ0161 T.S. Eliot among the nightingales / performed by the Sunday Brunch Company ; produced by Katy Keiffer.

Poetry by Eliot is performed with music.

WBAI, Aug. 19, 1979.
KZ0030 The Sky with its mouth open : voices from political prisons / produced by Jim Berland and Paul Vangelisti.

Reading of poems and prose by political prisoners from around the world. Works by Antonio...

KPFK, Dec. 24, 1976.
KZ0088 Women and poetry / Velene Campbell-Kesler and Erika Horn

In this program, Carlos Hagen presents the visionary and prophetic art of two young women poets...

American Women -- Poetry KPFK, 13 Sept. 1975
KZ0156 My Tokyo / Kazuko Shiraishi

Japanese poet Kazuko Shiraishi reads from her work in a bilingual presentation. Widely acclaimed...

American Women -- Poetry KPFK, May 26, 1977.
KZ0170 Nostalgia : 1920-1950 / produced by Carlos Hagen.

On the music, poetry, magazines, and literature of the period. Selections from Rupert Brooke and...

KPFK, May 14, 1973.
KZ0209 A conversation with Ntozake Shange / interviewed by Clare Spark

Ntozake Shange, the black feminist poet, author of "For colored girls who have considered...

American Women -- Poetry, American Women -- Women of Color and discrimination KPFK, 7 Aug. 1977.
KZ0467 On a note of triumph / by Norman Corwin ; read by Martin Gabel ; music by Bernard Herman.

A poem celebrating VE day (Victory in Europe).

KPFK, May 30, 1978.
KZ0749 Breathing space '79 / edited by Paul Vangelisti.

International anthology of sound poetry by Arrigolora Totino, Carl Stone, Jim Roche, Larry Wendt...

KPFK, 12-19 Sept. 1979.
KZ0942 Lawrence Ferlinghetti at the Laguna Poetry Festival.

San Francisco poet reads published and unpublished poems and prose.

KPFK, Sept. 1980.
KZ0943 Toward a total poetry : sound poems / by Julien Blaine, Andriano Spatola, F. Tiziano, and Paul Vangelisti.

French, Italian, and U.S. poets perform sound poems.

KPFK, 14 June 1980.
KZ0951B Brecht's unpublished Joseph Stalin file / by John Fuegi ; produced by Paul Vangelisti.

Three poems written by Brecht in East Germany during the Cold War.

KPFK, Oct. 10, 1980.
KZ0993 Pacific Asian women poets / introduced by Joyce Nako

Joyce Nako of Pacific Asian-American Women Writers-West introduces the following writers: Momoko...

American Women -- Poetry, American Women -- Women of Color and discrimination KPFK, 1980?; rebroadcast as en episode of Women's Magazine, Nov. 13, 1982.
KZ1137 Pacific Asian women poets / produced by Helene Rosenbluth.

Members of the Pacific Asian American Women Writers West (PAAWW-W/CPOW) read their poetry:...

American Women -- Poetry KPFK, Mar. 4, 1981.
KZ1281 The poet's voice (Series record)

This is the series record for the series "The poet's voice," that was aired...

KPFK, June-July, 1982
KZ1281.03 The poet's voice (Episode 3)

This is the third episode of "The poet's voice," likely KPFK broadcasted tapes of...

American Women -- Poetry KPFK, June 26, 1982
KZ1281.04 The poet's voice (Episode 4)

This is the fourth episode of "The poet's voice," likely KPFK broadcasted tapes...

American Women -- Poetry KPFK, July 2, 1982
KZ1281.05 The poet's voice (Episode 5)

This is the fifth episode of "The poet's voice," likely KPFK broadcasted tapes of...

American Women -- Poetry KPFK, July 9, 1982
PZ0031 A Packet beating like a heart / by Eloise Klein Healy ; recorded by Catherine Stifter.

Eloise Klein Healy reads from her newly published book of poetry "A Packet Beating Like A...

American Women -- Poetry Pacifica National Programming, ca. December 1980
SZ0010 A New England poet / Dick Raymond ; interviewed by Binnie Klein.

An informal talk about his experiences and a reading of some poems.

WLNV 1979.
TZ0017 I sleep with trains / by Lisa Fenton ; produced by Clara Kern.

Poet discusses tragic women figures and reads her poem.

KPFT, Sept. 25, 1981.
WZ0016 Black Box / Alan Austin ; interviewed by Grace Cavalieri.

Editor discusses his unique magazine which records poetry on cassettes. Includes discussion and...

WPFW, 22 Aug. 1976.
WZ0029 A Prison poet / Willy Hinton ; interviewed by Grace Cavalieri.

On his poetic expression of life and prison existence; readings.

WPFW, Sept. 27, 1976.
WZ0031 Four women poets / Diana Vance, Nefretete, Deirdra Baldwin, and Ann Leffler ; interviewed by Grace Cavalieri

Host Grace Cavalieri interviews four women poets: Diana Vance, Nefretete[sp?], Deirdra Baldwin,...

American Women -- Poetry WPFW, Sept. 17, 1976.
WZ0072 New York and poetry / Sandy Esteves and Thulani Davis ; interviewed by Faye D. Herbert.

Two New Yorkers discuss how their city shapes their work.

WPFW, Apr. 7, 1977.
CSVPoetry, Modern.