Inside communion : UFO's abductions and weirdness / produced by Scott Cluthe.

Whitley Strieber, who shocked the world with his allegedly true story Communion, claims that he has been and continues to be the subject of regular abductions by entities of unknown origin. Ed Conroy, a journalist, provides an examination of the entire Striber case: his discoveries about this unusual man, including details that include his psychological profile.

Ralph Blum and the Book of Runes / produced by Scott Cluthe.

Ralph Blum, creator of the immensley popular Rune Stones, the ancient oracle of the vikings, presents the history of those symbols. He explores their usage today as a personal tool for guidance in personal transformation, and explains his latest creation, Rune Cards.

Life extension : formula for life / produced by Scott Cluthe.

Dr. Eberhard and Dr. Phillis Konhausen, co-authors of the book Formula for Life, discuss their transformation into physical well-being. In their mid-60's, these two doctors provide an overview of the benefits and problems of sunbathing, vitamins, and free-radical detoxification.

Shakti Gawain : 1990 / produced by Scott Cluthe.

Shakti Gawain, author of a New Age best seller Creative Visualization, shares her personal stories from her most recent work, Return to the Garden. She discusses her path, recent changes, as well as new processes and techniques she has adopted.|SHAKTI GAWAIN : 1990 / produced by Scott Cluthe. SERIES: Vibrations : no.
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