Avenue of dream (Episode 10 of 29)

A mother, a daughter, a radio and a squalid apartment are the components of this radio play written by Elyse Nass and directed by Daniel Landau for WBAI's Mind's Eye Theatre. Madlyn Cates plays the mother and Jacqueline Portnoy plays Olga, the daughter. Technical direction by Ed Woodard. This recording was formerly cataloged as BB3818.01.

Adam Clayton Powell testimony

Actuality of Congressman Adam Clayton Powell's testimony before the Senate subcommittee on executive reorganization examining social conditions in Black Harlem.

Ralph Ellison testimony

Actuality of Ralph Ellison's testimony before the Senate subcommittee on executive reorganization examining social conditions in Black Harlem. The committee was chaired by Senator Abraham Ribicoff, former governor of Connecticut.

From the poetry center. (Series Record)

Series record describing series of poets reading at the Poetry Center.
pt.1. Anne Sexton (30 min.) -- pt.2. Marianne Moore (22 min.) -- pt.3. Alan Tate (35 min.) -- pt.4. Kenneth Rexroth (29 min.) -- pt.5. John Dos Passos (3 reels : 76 min.) -- pt.6. Irving Feldman (2 reels : 46 min.) -- pt.7. Galway Kinnell (31 min.) -- pt.8. John Barth (38 min.) -- pt.9. May Swenson (2 reels : 40 min.) -- pt.10. John Ciardi (30 min.) -- pt.11. Jean Garrigue (34 min.).

Forgotten women in American history (Series record)

Series record for six talks on important women in American history. r.1. Frances Wright D'Arusmont (28 min.) -- r.2. The Prudence Crandall Case of 1833 (Missing) -- r.3. Angelina and Sarah Grimke (30 min.) -- r.4. Dorothea Dix (37 min.) -- r.5. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony (28 min.) -- r.6. Frances Willard's temperance crusade (24 min.).

Conversation with June Jordan / interviewed by Julius Lester.

Julius Lester speaks with poet and activist June Jordan (introduced as June Meyer, b. July 9, 1936, d.June 14, 2002) about her writing, life, politics and she reads "Solidarity Day, 1968", "Christ Chicago, 1968", and "Uhuru in the O.R." New tape box, no info.

Conversation with Pam Allen / interviewed by Julius Lester.

Discussion of women's liberation.|CONVERSATION WITH PAM ALLEN / interviewed by Julius Lester. - SERIES: Conversation with ...| no. 3 - Pam Allen discusses the women's liberation movement. - BROADCAST: WBAI, 5 May 1968. Same as BC2875.02. No need to digitize this copy.

Two German actressess / Kaethe Reichel and Angelika Hurwicz.

TWO GERMAN ACTRESSES / Kaethe Reichel and Angelika Hurwicz interviewed by Eric Bentley. SERIES: Bentley on Brecht, no. 52 Readings from three Brecht dramas: The Good women at Satzuan, St. Joan of the Stockyards, and Caucasian chalk circles. In German and English. BROADCAST: WBAI, 26 Mar. 1964.

Reminiscences of Brecht / moderated by Eric Bentley. (Episode 36)

Producer and actor John Houseman (1902-1988), actress Elsa Lanchester (1902-1986), Marta Feuchtwanger (1891-1987), whose husband Lion Feuchtwanger was a collaborator with Brecht, and William Melnitz (1900-1989), Dean of Fine Arts at UCLA, each discuss their experiences with playwright Bertolt Brecht. Hosted by Eric Bentley.
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