Abortion : what now? / produced by Bob Kuttner and Nanette Rainone.

Examination of New York's liberal abortion laws which went into effect on July 1, 1970. This program asks whether women are better off now under the new laws, whether poor people can now get abortions in public facilities, and what health institutions are doing to prepare for the results of the new law.

The California grape strike / reported by Nanette Rainone.

Dolores Huerta, Vice President of the National Farm Workers AFL-CIO and Grape Boycott Coordinator, along with and activists Antonia Soledad, Venustiano Olguin, and Mark Silverman discuss the Grape Boycott. Interviewed by Nanette Rainone.

You must go home again: 1965 / produced by Marcia Tompkins (Series record)

Series record for Marcia Tompkins' 1965 series originally named "You must go home again or be it ever so humble there's no place like Tuscaloosa". For this series, Tompkins returned to her hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama's in July, 1964 to examine the lifestyles, popular viewpoints, social conditions, and the prospects for change from the youth.

Mother (Episode 1 of 14)

In its first month of production, WBAI's 99.5 Radio Theatre presented this comedy by Don DeLillo which concerns a bed, a great many articles in one issue of the New York Times, and three members of the white race. Starring Frank Whiteman as Ralph, Holly Turner as Sally, and Joan Farber as Mildred. Directed by Christopher Strater. Technical production by Sam Sanders.

The death house letters of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg (Episode 10 of 14)

Selections and excerpts from a two-year correspondence between Julius (1918-1953) and Ethel Rosenberg (1916-1953) as they awaited execution in the death house at Sing Sing Prison. The readers are Gerald Fritz and Lois Adler. Narrated by Eric Nord. Directed by Lois Adler for WBAI's 99.5 Radio Theatre. This recording was formerly cataloged as BB3830.08.

Romeo and Juliet (Episode 27 of 29)

The Word Players perform a fragmented, splintered version of William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" for WBAI's Mind's Eye Theatre. The cast includes Gil Jardine, David Haight and Edgar Walker as Romeo; Susan Miller, Sherry Pockell, Ann Rivers and Julie Scherer. Music mixed by David Kavanaugh. Production assistant: Ann Goldberg. Technical direction by David Lerner.
No box scan has been included in this record, because the box is literally a plain, white box with nothing on it except the PRA Archive number.
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