Estelle Parsons

Interview with actor and stage director Estelle Parsons (1927 - ) on directing Shakespeare's "Antony & Cleopatra" by Marjorie De Fazio. Played on WBAI's Shakespeare Day, April 23, 1979.

Linda Pastan and Melanie Kaye read their poetry

Two women poets read their poetry. First is Linda Pastan (b. 1932) of Potomac Maryland, author of "Aspects of Eve," "A Perfect Circle of Sun," and "The Five Stages of Grief." This is an edited version of a reading she gave at the Brooklyn Museum in February (1982?). We thank Brooklyn Arts and Culture Association for use of their tape.

Equal Rights Amendment

Phil Steer and Lydia Braggar discuss the Equal Rights Amendment with Phyllis Segal, lawyer and legal director of the N.O.W. legal defense education fund; and Ellen Cohen, writer and Daily News columnist who writes about women in politics. Tape box remarks: No intro music; no outro music; announcer must introduce discussion; first question and first introductions are missing; no phones.

School of hard knocks or, mallets with forethought

Jan Albert hosts his program about the resumed construction (after a 37-year of hiatus) of the Cathedral of St. John the Devine in Manhattan, NY. Local men and women are being trained in the ancient art of stone masonry, and are well into the job of hand shaping the thousands of stones it will take to complete the huge Gothic structure started in 1892.

Rose at ninety

On her 90th birthday, a prosperous woman named Rose looks back and speaks of her life and family. This was one of two interviews presented together as the program "Two Lives." Produced by Barbara Londin.

Family in history: interview with Carl Degler

Eileen Zalisk interviews historian Dr. Carl Degler (1921 - 2014) author of "At Odds: Women and the Family in America" about the family in history. Broadcast as part of WBAI's all-day programming in honor of International Women's Day, March 8, 1981. Unknown if this interview was first broadcast previous to that date.

Three women painters

Lucia Vernarelli, painter and editer of the feminist artist publication "Women and Art," speaks about three women artists. They are Marie Laurencin (1883 - 1956), Leonor Fini (1907 - 1996), and Paula Modersohn-Becker (1876 - 1907). She uses the personal papers of the artists to aid in understanding them.  From the series "Women's diaries and letters." Produced by Ann Snitow.

Charlotte Carter reads her novel-in-progress

Charlotte Carter, author of "Sheltered Life" (United Artists, 1975) reads the first chapter of "Lady Lie," her novel-in-progress. This series, Prose, is a series of contemporary writing read by the authors, produced by Sharon Mattlin. Contains sensitive language.

Anne Forer reads her work

Anne Forer reads from her work: an autobiographical piece (title not given on recording), "I Guess Writing Is a Little Like Life," "The Adventure of the French Bathroom," and "The Psychic and the Psychoanalyst." Forer lived in the East Village and was heavily involved in feminist consciousness-raising in the 1970s.

A reading and interview with Diana Chang

A reading and interview with Chinese-American novelist and poet Diana Chang. Chang first reads from her latest novel, A Perfect Love (Jove Books), speaks with Brown and then reads several of her poems. Produced by Wesley Brown.
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