Waitresses on strike

Judy Sackoff interviews Sophia Guthertz and Patty Gulino, two waitresses from Al Buon Gusto Restaurant in Manhattan who have been on strike since April 2, 1981.

Interview with Marsie Silvestro

Interview with Marsie Silvestro, campus minister at Manhattan College and member of the National Core Commission of the Women's Ordination Conference. Today they will be talking about religious careers.

Sex and art: scholarship and vulgarity

A program on sex and art. Begins with a reading from Edward Albee's introduction to Atmospheres and Environments, the catalog from the Whitney Museum on the work of Louise Nevelson; excerpts from interview with art critic and curator Lawrence Alloway, who discusses Artforum and its bibliography on women and art; readings from the current issue of Art Criticism (Vol. 1 No.

Frieda Aaron reads her poetry

Frieda Aaron, Holocaust survivor, reads some of her poetry and some poetry of her sister, Estelle Glazer's poetry. Produced by Barbara Londin, engineered by Bill O'Neill.

Janet Sternburg: Journal from a semi-private room

Janet Sternburg reads her autobiographical fiction, titled "Journal from a semi-private room." Sternburg relates her experiences as an adult spending time in hospital with an injury to her arm. Her mother also goes to hospital and is operated on for cancer. She returns for a visit to her family home.
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