Women reporting on women

Three feminist journalists who were all involved in coverage of the Houston Women's Conference discuss the question of whether women journalists can objectively cover women's issues.

The poetry of Gertrude Stein (Part 3 of 6)

Continued tomorrow (series) presents the prose and poetry of Gertrude Stein. On April 28th of this year (1972), a 24 hour marathon reading of Stein's works was held at the St. Marks Church in the Bowery. Participating readers at that event included Anne Waldman, Rochelle Owens, John Cage, Richard Kostelonitz, Ed Sanders, and Allen Ginsberg.


Know your body: Pregnancy. This is lecture is part of a course on women's health given at the Women's Medical Center in New York City in spring 1972. In this program on pregnancy, Judy Graham of the Women's Medical Center introduces speakers Joan Haggerty and Carol Gingold. This lecture was recorded May 25, 1972 and broadcast on WBAI October 22, 1972.

A night of women musicians: ca. 1975 (Part One only)

A Night of Women Musicians at WBAI's Free Music Store, date unknown (ca. 1973). Host is Ms. Mark Giles. Part one features first the New Woman's Brass Quartet, which includes Lauren Draper, Laurie Frank, Ann Slayton[sp?] and Kathy Kerry. They are followed by a performance by singer/songwriter Roz Esposito.

Women musicians night: May 1975 (Part One only)

Women Musicians Night at the WBAI Free Music Store, May 29, 1975. Part 1 of this program includes new age music by Jeriann Hilderley, drums, and Kay Gardner (1941 - 2002) of Lavendar Jane, flute & voice (35 min), and after intermission Dorothy Carter (1935 - 2003), dulcimer and voice, performs dulcimer hymns (14 min). Part 2 of this program is missing. Previously numbered IZ1461.02A.

Women's Antinuclear Rally (incomplete)

Recording of speeches from an anti-nuclear rally. No date or location is given but it may be Mother's Day, 1979? in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY (Medgar Evers College is mentioned). First speaker on this is named Susan (last name not given), and she speaks about being a mother with the risk of nuclear pollution.

Local chamber music / featuring soprano Lucy Shelton (Part One only)

A program of local Chamber music, organized by and featuring vocalist Lucy Shelton, performed at WBAI's Free Music Store on November 7, 1973. Performers include Elizabeth Wright, piano; Joanna Jenner, violin; Carol Buck and Fred Goldstein, cello; John Austin, viola; Crick Bergfeld[sp?], flute; Randy Haviland, bassoon; John Weaver, organ; and Jane Bryden, soprano.

Menstruation, puberty through menopause (Part One only)

Know your body: Menstruation, puberty through menopause. This lecture was part of the "Know Your Body" series of lectures which comprised an eight-week course given at the Women's Medical Center in New York City in spring 1972. This lecture deals with menstruation from puberty through menopause. The speakers are Diana Parness and Paula Weideger.
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