Dan White: reaction to the verdict

Report on the Dan White verdict which partially cleared him of the murders of George Moscone and Harvey Milk, due to his use of the "Twinkie" defense. White claimed that a sugar-induced psychosis was responsible for his actions. Includes news blurbs and reactions of people on the street. Contains voices of George Moscone, Harvey Milk, and Sally Gearhart.

Red crystal : Sheli Nan / interviewed by Susan Sailow

Sheli Nan is an exceptional composer in the classical/jazz field. Her pieces reflect great beauty, and to hear her talk about them and her music is an experience in itself - she is charming, touching, and very, very personable. Born in 1950, she has lived and studied music in such diverse places as New York, Wisconsin, Italy, St. Thomas, Israel, Mexico and California.

Asian American women vs. the women's movement

Panel discussion between Asian-American women on how racism, ageism, and classism have corrupted the women's movement. The panelists are Rina Hirai, former member of NOW's National Task Force on Women in Poverty; Siew-Hwa Beh, co-founder of the periodical Women & Film; Chris Kobayashi and Giselle Dohan (the latter two unidentified in the program).

The Dinner Party / Judy Chicago interviewed by Karla Tonella

Feminist visual artist Judy Chicago, one of the founders of the Women's Building in Los Angeles and author of "Through the Flower" talks with Karla Tonella, KPFA, about her exhibit "The Dinner Party." In the making for five years, "The Dinner Party" is a major piece of sculpture that encompasses the history of western women from the beginning of time using tr

Wanderground : stories of the hill women / Sally Gearhart ; produced by Karla Tonella.

Sally Gearhart reads from her book "The wanderground: stories of the hill women" (Boston: Persephone Press, 1978), a feminist fantasy fiction account of a separate woman's culture wherein the women have highly developed psychic powers, have children parthenogenetically, and live in harmony with all the rest of the Earth, except the men who control the cities.

The Free Speech Movement

A chronology of the student free speech movement in the early 1960s produced by Robin Steinhardt and Philip Maldari for the KPFA 30th anniversary celebration in March 1979.
The KPFA 30th Anniversary Celebration featured retrospective programming for each year of KPFA's broadcast. This and all programming broadcast on March 22, 1979 referred to the year 1964.

Ruthie Gorton sings her own songs / produced by Ed Schoenfeld

Ruthie Gorton is a Los Angeles based "movement singer" who has performed around the country since the civil rights movement. She sings acapella, that is, without accompaniment, about a variety of social issues and movements in the U.S. and abroad. In this program, Ruthie sings her own songs. Produced at KPFA by Ed Schoenfeld.

Faith Petric sings folk songs / produced by Ed Schoenfeld.

Faith Petric (September 13, 1915-October 24, 2013) sings folk songs written by other musicians in the studio. Produced by Ed Schoenfeld. They discuss the Wobblies (Industrial Workers of the World), Bruce "Utah" Phillips, Petric's own biographical history, the folk music scene in the Bay Area, and Petric's involvement with the San Francisco Folk Music Club.
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